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Top Bangladeshi Tourist Spots

20+ Top Bangladeshi Tourist Spots With A Complete List

There is no shortage of scenic places in Bangladesh. This post, we will know Top Bangladeshi Tourist Spots. Sea, mountains, rivers – you will find all types of tourist attractions in this country. There are also ancient architectural beauties, the beautiful moon in the night in the middle of the green, and even eye-catching tourist attractions like getting lost in the realm of clouds.

There are many wonderful places of interest in Bangladesh which are unknown to many of us. What will you not get— Forests, mountains, rivers, seas, islands, all are familiar all over the world? There are various places of interest in almost every district of this beautiful green land. There are many historical sites and monuments including beaches, coral islands, mountains, rivers, forests, parks. Millions of tourists who are thirsty for travel from home and abroad enjoy the beauty of places of interest all over the country throughout the year.

Today I will share with you 20 of the most notable places of interest in the country. If you have the time and opportunity, you too can come back from those great places. At the same time, I will divide all the spots within the specific categories and describe other popular attractive places on the specific categories. That means you will get nearly 100 popular spots ideas in this post.

Top Historical places In Bangladesh

There are innumerable historical places in the country. When you want to travel to Bangladesh, you should complete these checklists to know Bangladesh closely. Notable among these are: National Memorial In Savar, Central Shaheed Minar At Dhaka Univerisity, Martyred Intellectual Memorial At Mohammadpur, National Poet Kazi Nazrul Islam Mausoleum, Curzon Hall (Dhaka University), Northbrook Hall (Farashgonj road in Old Dhaka), Baldha Garden, Suhrawardy Udyan, Old High Court Building, Bahadur Shah Park, Dighapad. Kuthibari (Home Of Rabindranath Tagore), Sagardari (Birth Place Of Michael Madhusudan Dutt), Mujibnagar Memorial, Trishal, Gandhi Ashram, and others.

Cox’s Bazar

National Memorial In Savar:

The National Martyrs Memorial is one of the historical beauties in Bangladesh. It has been built in memory of all the heroic martyrs who sacrificed their lives in the great liberation war of 1971. This memorial complex has been set up in Savar Upazila with an area of ​​44 hectares at a distance of 35 km from Dhaka. The construction work of the memorial was completed at the end of 1982 with the design of architect Syed Moinul Hossain.

National Memorial Savar Dhaka
National Memorial Savar Dhaka

The main structure of the National Memorial is made up of seven pairs of triangular walls. The walls are gradually arranged from small to large. The middle wall is shorter in length but higher in height than the other walls. The height of the highest point of the memorial is 150 feet. The main structure of the National Memorial is made of concrete. All the other installations of the monument have used red bricks which are appearing in the red blood stained land as an epic of independence. The monument looks different from different angles, which indicates the uniqueness of this monument.

Archaeological and religious sites In Bangladesh

Bangladesh is very rich with archaeological and religious attractive sites. Notable among the archeological sites are: Mahasthangarh, Mainamati, Sonargaon, Panam City, Paharpur Buddhist Monastery, Lalbagh Fort, Wari-Bateshwar, Vitagarh, Bara Katra, Chhota Katra, Jagaddala Mahabihar, Noapara-Ishanchandranagar. Among the religious establishments in Dhanmondi are Mughal Eidgah, Satgumbuj Mosque, Bagha Mosque, Kantjir Temple, Buddha Dhatu Jadi, Armenian Church.

Paharpur Buddhist Monastery:

Paharpur Buddhist Monastery or Somapura Vihara or Somapura Maha Vihara is an ancient Buddhist monastery now in ruins. Shri Dharmapala Dev (781-821), the second king of the Pala dynasty, was building this monastery in the late eighth or ninth century. This huge structure was discovered by Sir Alexander Cunningham in 1879 AD. Paharpur can be called the largest Buddhist monastery in the world.

Paharpur Buddhist Monastery
Paharpur Buddhist Monastery

The size of this monastery can be compared to the Nalanda monastery in India. It has been a very famous Buddhist teaching center for 300 years. Buddhists not only from different parts of the subcontinent but also from China, Tibet, Myanmar (then Burma), Malaysia, Indonesia, etc. used to come here to acquire religious knowledge. The monastery is located at Paharpur village in Badalgachhi Upazila of Naogaon district in the greater Rajshahi district of Bangladesh. It survives as a hill-like structure located at a height of about 30.30 m above the surrounding plains.


This traditional ancient antiquity is located at Mahasthangarh, Bogra. The capital of Pundravardhana was present-day Bogra Mahasthangarh. Bogra also had special administrative importance during the Maurya, Gupta, Pala, and Sen periods. It is located on the west bank of the river Karatoya in the present-day Bogra district.

From Bogra city, take the Dhaka-Rangpur highway and go north for about 12 kilometers. If you go a little west from there, you will find a place about 15 to 45 feet high from the flat land. Mahasthangarh is the name of this famous ancient city which is about five thousand feet long and four and a half thousand feet wide. The city is surrounded by various history-traditions and architectural monuments.

Inside the long walled city of Pundranagara, there are many other monuments including Parashuram Palace, Jiyat Kund, Govinda Vita, Bairagir Vita, Khodar Pathar Vita, Shila Devi Ghat, Mahasthan Mazar, Munir Ghon and Mankali Kundu. The Karatoya River flows east and north of it. And in the west, there is a famous reservoir (Kalidah). To the west-south is the Barnsi Canal.


Thousands of people of various castes including Hindus, Buddhists, and Muslims come here regularly to visit this historical place. The place is also very attractive to the public. Mahasthangarh is no less important as a place of pilgrimage. Many interesting installations have been built here to attract the attention of visitors and tourists.

Adjacent to the western edge of this famous city is the Mahasthan Museum. The museum is known as the archive of thousands of antiquities from the Sung to the Muslim period. Just north of the museum is the historic Govinda Vita. Only the Mahasthan-Shibganj regional road passes along the middle.

Lalbagh Fort:

Lalbagh Fort is located in the Lalbagh area of ​​old Dhaka on the banks of the river Buriganga in the southwest of the capital Dhaka. Although Emperor Aurangzeb planned to build Lalbagh fort, his son Prince Azam started the construction of Lalbagh fort in 1678 AD. Initially, Lalbagh Fort was named as Aurangabad Fort or Aurangabad Fort. Later, after the death of Iran Dukhat Paribibi, daughter of Subedar Shaista Khan, in 1684 AD, he stopped the construction of the fort. In 1844, the Aurangabad area was renamed Lalbagh. Along with the name of the area, the name of the fort was also changed to Lalbagh Fort.

Lalbagh Fort
Lalbagh Fort

At present the residence and court hall of Subedar Shaista Khan is being used as ‘Lalbagh Fort Museum’. Although there are three gates in Lalbagh fort, two of them have been closed. Upon entering through the gate, the beautiful garden makes the mind happy. Going straight along the entrance, you can see the mausoleum built for the memory of Paribibi, the daughter of Shaista Khan. The mausoleum is square in shape and each arm is 20.2 meters long. The mausoleum is uniquely carved and has an artificial dome wrapped in copper foil over the main tomb.

Sixty Dome Mosque:

Sixty Dome Mosque is an ancient mosque located in the south-west of Bagerhat district in Bangladesh. There is no inscription on the mosque. So no accurate information is available about who built it or at what time it was built. However, looking at the architectural style of the mosque, there is no doubt that it was built by Khan Jahan Ali.

Sixty Dome Mosque
Sixty Dome Mosque

He is thought to have built it in the 15th century. This mosque was built over many years and at great expense. The stones were brought from the palace. It is one of the three World Heritage Sites in Bangladesh; The city of Bagerhat has been given the status of a World Heritage Site. This honor was conferred by UNESCO in 1983. The mosque is about 160 feet long on the north-south side and about 143 feet long on the inside, and about 104 feet wide on the east-west side and about 88 feet wide on the inside. The walls are about 8.5 feet thick.

Ancient Sonargaon

The location of the Mughal Empire in the Indian subcontinent was at Narayanganj near Dhaka. There are five Pir Dargahs, ancient Panam city, Nilkuthi, and many other ancient structures. It’s fantastic to discover ancient Bangladesh.


The Beautiful Sea Beaches In Bangladesh

Cox’s Bazar is the longest beach in the world. About 120 km long. It is one of the most popular travel destinations in Bangladesh Other beaches are Saint Martin, Kuakata, Patenga, Parki, Teknaf, Katka and Tarua in Sylhet.

Cox’s Bazar Beach:

Cox’s Bazar Beach is located in the southeastern part of Bangladesh. Paharghera Cox’s Bazar beach is the longest natural sandy beach in the world. Every day the form of Pratikshan changes. There is no season, including winter-monsoon-spring-summer, when the look and feel of this beach can be found.

cox's bazar
cox’s bazar

The main feature of this 120 km long beach is that the whole beach is sandy. Cox’s Bazar city is bustling with tourists during the tourist season, with coral market stalls of various species including snails and oysters adjacent to Baliari beach, state-of-the-art hotel motel cottages, and newly decorated Burmese markets.


Kuakata is a beach and tourist destination in southwestern Bangladesh. Kuakata is known to tourists as the “Daughter of the Sea”. Kuakata is one of the natural beaches of Bangladesh with a length of 18 km. It is the only beach in Bangladesh where both sunrise and sunset can be seen.

Behind the name Kuakata is the history associated with the arrival of the Arkans in this country. The word ‘well’ comes from ‘coupe’. The Arkans are thought to have been expelled from Burma by the Mughal rulers in the 16th century and settled in the area. They dug a lot of wells here to meet the shortage of potable water, hence the name Kuakata. Kuakata is located in Latachapali union of Mahipur police station in Kalapara upazila of Patuakhali district. Its distance by road from Dhaka is 360 km and from Barisal 106 km.


Kuakata has no rival to enjoy the natural beauty. The main thing about Kuakata is the beauty of sunrise and sunset. The natural beauty is amazing. The gift of nature The long sea beach is truly wonderful. Kuakata is one of the most interesting beaches in the world. Rare, colorful scenery like sunset and sunrise can be easily observed while visiting this beautiful sea beach of Kuakata.



In Chhera Dwip there are Small and big stones and some Keya trees everywhere. And all around it is just a wave of blue water. A small rocky island in the middle of the sea. This is the last point on the map of Bangladesh, which is an isolated part of St. Martin’s Island and in the middle of the Bay of Bengal.


Top Islands In Bangladesh

There are attractive Island and interesting remote lands in Bangladesh. Notable among the islands are: St. Martin’s Island, Sonadia Island, Nijhum Dwip, ETC. We see many other islands in Bangladesh— Monpura, Sandwip, Chhera Island, Bhola, Maju Chowdhuryhat Tourist Center, Hatia, Kutubdia, Jalia Island at the mouth of Naf River.

St. Martin’s Island:

St. Martin is a union territory of Teknaf Upazila in Cox’s Bazar district in Bangladesh. It is the only coral island in Bangladesh and the southernmost union of Bangladesh. The other name of this island is Coconut Ginger. The area of ​​St. Martin’s Union is 1977 acres (8 sq km). The distance of this union from Upazila Sadar is about 42 kilometers. It is surrounded by the Bay of Bengal but is bounded on the north by Sabrang Union on the mainland of Teknaf Upazila and on the east by Rakhine State on the mainland of Myanmar.

St. Martin's Island
St. Martin’s Island

Char Kukri- Mukri

Among the most awesome beauty, Char Kukri Island is one of them. Those who have been to Char Kukri Mukri once, want to run there again and again. Char Kukri-mukri, also known as Dwipkanya, is a land of natural beauty. Surrounded by mangrove forests, wildlife, and beaches. It is a colorful presence that attracts nature-loving tourists. This char, which is about 400 to 500 years old, has not been touched by civilization even today. It is said that dogs and rats had a great influence on this char in the early days after its establishment. Another name for the rat is “Mekur”, from which the char is named ‘Char Kukri-Mukri’.

Char Kukri-Mukri
Char Kukri-Mukri

Top Mountains In Bangladesh

Kaptai Lake, which covers an area of about 160 sq km, is one of the tourist destinations of Rangamati. There are also- Bandarban, hill town Khagrachhari, Rani Sajek of beauty.

The hill-district of Bandarban tops the list of favorites. Many people have mentioned different places here.

Nilgiri in Bandarban is one of his favorite places.

Combined with mountains, rivers, waterfalls, and greenery, this is a favorite hill station of many.

The main tourist attraction is the Nafakhum waterfall located here. Located in Thanchi Upazila of the district.

It is considered as one of the waterfalls of Bangladesh. There is a Nilachal tourist center.

From there it rises about two thousand feet above sea level and you will go to the land of clouds. There is also Bagalake, the gold-temple, and also the Keokradong episode which is located in Ruma Upazila.

Sylhet has a few places on the list of favorites. Many people have mentioned Jaflong, Bichanakandi, Ratargul in Sylhet.

There is also an added attraction to the tea garden. The north-eastern district has many places to visit.

Very close to it are the Khasia Jaintia hills of India in the north. There are a total of 72 haor-beels in this district.

Khagrachari is another hill district of Bangladesh. This place is on the list of tourist favorites.

Many people visit here to see rivers, hills, rubber plantations, Alutila tunnels, Richang springs.

Besides, Ramsagar of Dinajpur, Lal Shuffler Beel of Barisal, Comilla Kotbari, Mahasthangarh, Bogra, Rangamati. Some have mentioned the Sundarbans.

Rangamati district of Chittagong Hill Tracts is full of natural beauty. Kaptai is a small district town floating in the heart of the lake and there are many diverse places all around. The places here are decorated differently at different times of the year. However, rain gear is completely different.

Sajek Valley
Sajek Valley

Sajek Valley— Even though it is located in Rangamati, you have to go through Khagrachhari. Dighinala from Khagrachhari town, then Sajek via Baghaihat. The whole road is wonderful, the view from the surroundings is also beautiful.

Beautiful mountain range around, white cotton-like cloud valley will fascinate you. Sajek is such an amazing place where you can be amazed by the presence of three different forms of nature on the same day. Sometimes it will feel very hot then maybe you will suddenly get wet in the rain or in the blink of an eye you will be surrounded by a thick mist of clouds. Sajak is the ideal place to watch the natural cosmos and the game of flying from the mountains to the clouds like cotton.

Kanlak hill is the main attraction for tourists visiting Sajek. The last village in the Sajek Valley, Kanlak Para, is inhabited by the Lusai people. The origin of the river Karnafuli can be seen from Kanlak Para in the Lusai hills of India. If you want, you can trek for two hours from Ruilui Para to see Kamalak Jharna. This beautiful waterfall is also known as Pidam Taisa Jharna or Sikam Taisa Jharna to many.

Day or night Sajek is like a picture painted by an artist, time goes by but Sajek is not old. When you go to Sajek, you must not miss the morning time. Cloud play and sunrise fair sit at this time. For this you have to get up very early in the morning and go to the helipad, from where the most beautiful sunrise can be seen. You will be mesmerized by the colorful look of the sunset from any high place in the afternoon. And after the evening, the fair of billions of stars in the sky, will cover your soul in an instant. If the sky is clear, you will see the Milky Way or the galaxy. You can look around and see the tribal life. You will like the proximity of all these people.

Best Forests and wetlands In Bangladesh

The Sundarbans is the largest respiratory forest in the world with an area of about ten thousand square kilometers across Bangladesh and India. Other attractions include Bhawal, Lauyachhara forest, Ratargul water forest. Jaflong, Ratargul, Lalakhal, and Bichnakandi in Sylhet are also among the amazing green lands of natural beauty.


The Sundarbans is a vast forest on the coast of the Bay of Bengal, one of the natural wonders of the world. Located in the delta area of ​​the Ganges, Meghna and Brahmaputra river basins, this magnificent forest covers Khulna, Satkhira and Bagerhat districts of Bangladesh and two districts of the Indian state of West Bengal, North 24 Parganas and South 24 Parganas. As the largest mangrove forest in the coastal saline environment, the Sundarbans is the largest intact forest in the world. The Sundarbans is entangled in a network of marine currents, mud chars and small archipelagos with salinity of mangrove forests.


Many species of birds including Royal Bengal Tiger, Rhinoceros, Leopard, Deer, Monkey, Turtle, Crocodile can be seen in the Sundarbans. Covering an area of 10,000 sq km, the Sundarbans covers 6,016 sq km in Bangladesh and the rest in India. In 1996, UNESCO recognized the Sundarbans as a World Heritage Site.

The Sundarbans, a land of natural beauty and biodiversity, is a World Heritage Site. The Sundarbans can be reached directly from any part of the country by coming to Khulna city, staying at the hotel and contacting the tour operator of your choice. You can also travel to the Sundarbans by boarding a ship at the scheduled time without contacting the tour operators directly without getting up at the hotel.

Spots named Karamjal Wild and Crocodile Breeding Center, Harbaria Eco Center, Katka, Shekherhat Temple, Kalagachhia Eco Tourism Center, Mandarbaria Sanctuary in the Sundarbans are reserved for tourists. Crocodile breeding, sick deer care, and natural beauty can be enjoyed in these spots. If you are lucky, you can see monkeys, deer, guisaps, crabs, or crocodiles walking around.

How to get Sundarbans: Karamjal is the best way to enjoy the Sundarbans trip in a short time at a low cost. It can be reached in just an hour by boat from the port of Mongla by a small motorized boat. Here you will see innumerable small and big crocodiles in the crocodile breeding center. Another sanctuary in the Sundarbans, Hiran Point, is one of the most remarkable areas in the entire Sundarbans region. Rivers around. A herd of deer comes there to drink water. If you are lucky, you can also see the tiger drinking water. At present, there are many standard hotels in Khulna city including foreign standard hotels. Among them are elite hotels Tiger Garden City Inn, Hotel Castle Salam, Hotel Royal International. The rent of these hotels is a little higher.

Ratargul Swamp Forest

It is a submerged forest. During the monsoon season, the forest is flooded for four months. Then the small canals become footpaths. Aquatic animals take shelter there. Understand that the most ideal time to travel Ratargul Swamp Forest is the rainy season. From here, Gowain river in the north, a big haor in the south. Ratargul water forest in the middle. The forest is located in Fatehpur Union, Gowainghat, a bordering Upazila of Sylhet District. The distance from Sylhet city to this only swamp forest in the country is about 26 kilometers.


However, in the Ratargul tree, Karchai is most seen. There are hundreds of fruits of Hijle. You will also see the banyan trees from time to time. The area of the water is very strange. A tree is submerged up to its knees in water. Those that are a little smaller, they are half-submerged in the water again. Fishermen are getting fishing nets somewhere.

In the rainy season, snakes take their place on the trees as the water increases. Many tourists visit here during the monsoon season as the forests are visible under the clear water of the haor. This forest is different in the winter season. As soon as the water receded, the idol and the cane garden woke up. That beauty is different again!

Ratargul Swamp Forest
Ratargul Swamp Forest

How to get To Ratargul Swamp Forest: There are several ways to get to Ratargul. But whichever way you go, you have to go from Sylhet. Get on the Sylhet-Jaflong car and get off at Sarighat. From there by tempo to Gowainghat Bazaar. You have to reserve a boat to get to and from Ratargul from here. But remember, you can’t get into the Ratargul forest by this boat. You have to enter the forest by dinghy (One type of small boat).

Top Fountains and Waterfalls In Bangladesh

There are innumerable fountains in the country. Notable among these are Madhabkund of Moulvibazar, Shubholang Jharna of Rangamati, Sahasradhara of Sitakunda Eco Park, Risang of Khagrachhari, Suptdhara of Sitakunda Eco Park, Sohosrodhara of Sitakunda Chhoto Darogar. Jadipai of Bandarban, Taiduchara 1 and 2 of Khagrachhari, Stylish springs of Khagrachhari Sijuk 1 and 2, Jinapara / Kriyakshyang Hlom Jharna of Bandarban, Poly Khyang, Tidangkhat Saitar, Mansang Jharna, Bangchhari Jharna, etc.

Sorry, if I fail to spell the name accurately due to local name, and actually it is not easy.

Shuvolong Jhorna (Waterfalls)

Shuvolong Jhorna is one of the most interesting places in Rangamati district. Thousands of people come to enjoy this fountain every year. After a long journey, the waterfall has fallen into Kaptai Lake. There is no obstacle to go near Shuvolong Jhorna, so the beauty of the form of the fountain can be enjoyed with all one’s heart. Shuvolong Jhorna is located just 25 km from Rangamati Sadar next to Shuvolong Bazar. Like all other springs in Bangladesh, Shuvolong Jhorna have very little water during the dry season. During the monsoon season, a huge stream of waterfalls from a 140-foot-high hill into Kaptai Lake. Also, the beauty of the way to see the Shuvolong Jhorna can make you emotional. Seeing the lake flowing through the two mountains can be mistaken for Thailand!

Shuvolong Jhorna
Shuvolong Jhorna

The beauty of the Shuvolong waterfall fascinates the tourists. The spectacular view of the waterfalls cascading down the rocky ground from the top of the hill is not like expressing in words. If you have extra clothes, you can cover your body by bathing in the cool water of the fountain. There is a ‘Shuvolong hill’ or ‘T&T hill’ about 2000 feet high near the Shuvolong waterfall. There is an army camp and a T&T tower on the top of the hill. There are excellent stairs to climb the mountain. Seen from the top of the hill, it seems that all the Rangamati districts are floating on the water of Kaptai Lake.

Other attractive Places To Watch In Bangladesh

Whenever you want to explore Bangladesh, you will also see some other attractive places/spots here, those attractive as well. That includes Jatiya Sangsad Bhaban, Bangabhaban, Shankhari Bazar, Sadarghat, Ramna Park, National Botanical Garden, National Zoo, National Park, Batali Hills, Gardens including Jamuna Bridge, Satla, Museum, Palace, Gardens and many other places including rivers.

National Botanical Garden
National Botanical Garden

There are also many more places of interest in Bangladesh. Such as: Tajhat Zamindar Bari, Nijhumdwip, Sonadia Dwip, Cheradwip, Chimbuk Pahar, Liberation War Museum, Rajban Bihar, Lauyachhara Forest, Chalanbil, Bolding Khyang of Bandarban, Rangrang Pahar, Sajek etc. If you have the time and opportunity, you can visit these wonderful places of interest.

Let’s Explore Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, there are eye-catching tourist attractions like a mountain, boat trips on the river, moonlighting in the green, and even getting lost in the realm of clouds. There are various places of interest in almost every district of this beautiful country. For this reason, many tourists from home and abroad gather in Bangladesh every year to visit. If you are travel-fan and looking at any cheap but naturally beautiful places, then welcome to Bangladesh. It is hard to get any other places in the world like Bangladesh.

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