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Kuakata Sea Beach

Kuakata—Complete Travel Guideline

Kuakata is a most wanted travel paradise known as “Sagar-Kanya” in the southern part of Bangladesh. Kuakata, the daughter of the sea, is one of the most beautiful and captivating places for tourists and leisure travelers to enjoy. Not only in the country, but Kuakata is also now known all over the world.

Standing in the same spot on the beach, you can enjoy the beautiful view of the sunrise-sunset. Kuakata has a distinct reputation for its breathtaking natural beauty.

Kuakata is a village in the south of the country at the end of the Latachapli union in Kalapara Upazila of Patuakhali. About 18 km long and one km wide, the beach has a beautiful combination everywhere. Everything is dazzling. There are protected forests, through which numerous lakes flow. Coconut Garden is adjacent to the beach. There is an eco-park under the national park and huge mangrove forest in Fatra opposite the Andhar Manik estuary. There are Shutki Polli, and Red Crab Char at the side of the sea beach.

kuakata patuakhai

Not far away, the beach of Gangamati attracts the tourists. Kuakata has a distinct reputation for cleanliness. Kuakata is called the daughter of the sea because of her beauty. Hundreds of tourists visit Kuakata every day. There was a commotion all over the beach. The touch of the cold water of the sea makes the body tremble. People seek proximity to nature to get pure joy and deep peace. The boundless beauty of nature fascinates the visitors, relieves fatigue and dullness of mind. Kuakata is the place of that peace.

There is no substitute for a trip to Kuakata to enjoy the fun and gathering memorable moments of life. One and a half hundred Rakhine families, deported from Arakan about two and a half hundred years ago, floated in boats and anchored at Kuakata beach. They built a settlement in these rough areas.


There was no safe drinking water. Dig (Kata) the well (Kua) to collect sweet, safe water. Today’s Kuakata is named after that well (Kua). An integral part of Kuakata is the indigenous Rakhine community. So you have the opportunity to observe a variety of different lifestyles. Their weaving and wool weaving activities will catch the eye. You will get another opportunity to visit the Srimangal Buddhist monastery of Rakhine in the style of Indo-China. Besides, there is Seema Buddhist Monastery at Misripara near Kuakata. In this monastery, there is a huge Buddha statue of Gautama Buddha meditating in 137 manas made of the octahedron. Rakhine claims it is the largest Buddhist statue in Asia.

There is no substitute for traveling to Kuakata to enrich your own experience. In addition to observing the scenic landscapes, there is an opportunity to see the country’s ancient antiquities, various Buddhist monasteries, and ancient wells. The natural beauty of amazing Kuakata is much more attractive than other beaches. Fishermen fish here day and night. The battle of livelihoods allied with the waves can be observed. In front of the Srimangal Buddhist Monastery in Kuakata, there is a newly added 200-year-old boat next to the well. The combination of these patterns and beauty can be realized with the heart only by seeing it with their own eyes.


Places of interest in Kuakata

So for those who want to go out to Sagarkanya Kuakata on different holidays, here are some essential travel tips—

Kuakata Beach

Kuakata beach is considered to be the cleanest beach in Bangladesh. Due to its geographical location, it offers a beautiful view of sunrise and sunset. The sunrise is best seen from the Gangamati bend at the eastern end of the beach. And the best place to watch the sunset is on the west beach of Kuakata. The length of this beach is about eighteen kilometers and the width is about three kilometers. There are vast coconut groves all around the beach. The Gangamati canal is at the eastern end of the beach. After that Gangamati protected forest. There is a fishing village on the very west side of Kuakata beach. There is also a huge area for making dried fish. In addition, the whole beach will be seen throughout the year, the fishermen fishing scenes with different techniques. During the day at sea, the roar is usually not heard due to the noise around. The terrifying form of the sea is understood at night. Bed rent is available on the beach. Security fears are low. If you want to stay late at night, you have to take the help and permission of the tourist police. The roar of the sea at night is terrible. If you are in a hotel near the beach, the roar can be heard from the hotel.


Sunrise and sunset

It is better to go to Zhou Bon to watch the sunrise in Kuakata. From there the sunrise can be seen well, many people will go there first to see how the sun rises in the belly of the sea. It will take 20 minutes to walk to Zhou Bon in the morning. And if you go by van or motorcycle, you can go in a short time. Rows and rows of Zhou trees are undoubtedly beautiful. This forest has been created by the government under the afforestation plan. The sunset scene is probably more beautiful than the sunrise. You can clearly see the change in color as the sun sets on the sea. Sunset can be seen from any end of Kuakata beach. However, tourists flock to the ‘Lemon Forest’ on the western edge of Kuakata Beach to watch the spectacular sunset.


Kuakata well (Kua)

The source of the naming of Kuakata is the ancient well (Kua). However, as a result of short-sighted unplanned reforms, its beauty and antiquity have been ruined. The well is located in front of a Buddhist temple at the beginning of Kerani Para, a Rakhine settlement near Kuakata beach.

Srimangal Buddhist Monastery

In front of the ancient well of Kuakata is an ancient Buddhist temple called Srimangal Buddhist Temple. This ancient temple has a meditative Buddha statue made of eight metals weighing about thirty-seven manas.


Marine Museum

The first Marine Museum in Bangladesh is located at Kuakata. Here you see preserved 200 year old boats. A huge boat woke up on the beach at Zhaoban Point in Kuakata. The locals called it the Golden Boat. The whole boat was covered with gold leaf. It is said that about 200 years ago a group of merchants came with many big boats and sank in a storm. The boat with the help of the army was brought from about 8 km away. A temporary railway line was built for bringing the boat to Kuakata Zero Point. The museum is set up next to the Sri-Mangal Buddhist monastery.


Kerani Para

The village Kerani Para of the Rakhine tribes has started from the front of the Seema Buddhist temple. The main work of Rakhine women here is weaving cloth. The winter sheets made by them are quite attractive.

Misripara Buddhist temple

There is another Buddhist temple at Misripara, another residence of the Rakhine tribes, about eight kilometers east of Kuakata beach. This temple has the largest Buddhist statue and sacred well in the subcontinent. Amkhola Para is the largest Rakhine settlement in the region.

Ecopark and National Park

An eco-park and a national park have been set up on a 200-acre site in the sixties, with coconut groves, Zhou forests, Gangamati reserves, western Fatra forest, and Mahipur range forests. The coconut groves have already disappeared due to the continuous and irresistible erosion of the sea. To the east of this, 15 hectares o Monolova Zhaoban has been created at the side of the beach by the forest department. Although man-made, standing on the beach at dusk, and especially on a full moonlit night, when one looks down from the beach at the coconut groves and Zhou Gardens, it creates an immortal heavenly appeal even to the most desperate visitors. And during the day, when the pure salty air of the sea blows through the Zhaoban, the whistling sound of the wind brings an indescribable intoxication to the ears of the listener in an uninterrupted harmony.


Gangamati Char

Once you go down to the sea, you will find Gangamati Char. You can go there by motorcycle. But you and your vehicle have to cross the river by boat only once. All your fatigue will be gone by seeing this wonderful char. Especially the thousands of red crabs roaming on the sandy beaches will fascinate you. In a moment you will feel as if nature has spread a red carpet for you. In addition to all kinds of plants like Keora, Gewa, Chaila, Khaiya, etc., there are wild-pigs, forest roosters, and monkeys chirping. At the end of the trip, if you wish, you can reach your hotel by motorbike without crossing the river. You will meet both roads.


Red Crab Island

Crab Island is just across the Gangamati canal to the east of Kuakata beach. This place is inhabited by red crabs. Crabs flock to the beach of this place when they get lonely. During the travel season (October-March) you get speed boats from Kuakata Beach to Crab Island. The Ramnabad Channel (the entrance to the Pigeon Port) at the far end of the Red Crab Island.


Lemon forest (Lebur Bon)

This lemon forest is at the western end of Kuakata beach. The estuary of three rivers can be seen from the lemon forest. The sea on one side and the estuary of three rivers on the other side, the coastal forest on the other side, the forest of Fatra on the other side of the river are all amazing places. You can easily turn around by bike. There are also some marine “fish-fry” and “crab-fry” restaurants. You can walk around in the afternoon or evening and watch the sunset while eating fish / shrimp / crab (bhaji) in the lemon forest.

Forest of Fatra

As you cross the river at the western end of Kuakata Beach, you will find a mangrove forest called Fatra Forest. It is already known as the ‘Second Sundarbans’. This Sundarbans-like forest is home to roosters, wood cats, monkeys, and a variety of birds. There are no wild animals in this forest, wild pigs are rarely seen. The vegetation here is a bit yellow, and the footpath through the forest is incredibly beautiful, one can once walk through the forest to the sea. If you want to go from Kuakata to Fatra forest, you have to take an engine boat on the way to the mouth of the Dakatiya river (sea and river junction). The rent of a medium quality boat for the whole day is 1500-2000 BDT. Adventure lovers must come here and love this place.


Shutki Polli

There is a fishing village at the western end of Kuakata beach. Lots of fishermen live here. From November to March, the work of making dry goods is done here. Fishermen catch fish from the sea and make Shutki (Dry Fish) on the beach. Good quality dried fishes are also available here at low prices.

Alipur Port

Alipur, one of the largest fishing centers in the south, is about four kilometers north of Kuakata. Hundreds of trawlers go to the Bay of Bengal every day from this port to catch fish. You can visit Alipur port and see the huge arrangement of different types of marine fish. This port is the biggest source of sea Hilsa.


Private park

A number of private parks and resorts have been set up at the Kuakata tourist center to attract tourists from home and abroad. You can visit these parks for extra pleasure, entertainment, and food.

How To Go Kuakata:

Route from Dhaka to Kuakata —

You can travel Kuakata from Dhaka by river and road. You will get Launch from Dhaka Sadarghat To Patuakhali or Barisal to Kuakata. And if you want you can go by bus from Dhaka to Barisal via Kuakata. However, considering the easiest and most comfortable way, the river is the best way to go to Kuakata. You can reach Patuakhali by launch from Sadarghat Launch Terminal in Dhaka and take a bus from there to Kuakata. Or you can go to Barisal from Sadarghat by launch and go to Kuakata by bus from there.

By Launch from Dhaka To Patuakhali to Kuakata

You will get launch from Sadarghat in the afternoon (Sundarban-9, Kuakata-1, MV Prince Awlad-6, Kajal-6, Sundarbans-11, MVAR Khan-1 etc) left for Patuakhali. It costs 800 to 1000 BDT to rent a first class single cabin, 1700 to 3500 BDT for a double cabin, and 200-300 BDT for a deck. The launches go to different terminals in Patuakhali. It is convenient to go to the launch that goes to Amtali Ghat or Patuakhali Launch Ghat. From Patuakhali launch ghat you have to go to bus stand by auto and go to Kuakata by bus. It will take about 2 hours, the rent is 130-150 BDT. Or you can get off at Amtali Ghat and go to Kuakata from the bus stand for 50-60 BDT.


By Launch from Dhaka to Barisal and Then Kuakata

Several launches left Sadarghat for Barisal in the evening. He reached Barisal in the morning. Launch deck rent is 150-200 BDT per person. The launch costs from BDT 600 to 3,500 depending on the first class single and double cabin class. From Barishal Launch Ghat, you have to go to Rupatali Bus Stand and get on any bus going to Kuakata. It will take about 3 hours. Rent 180-250 BDT. Besides, you can go to Kuakata from Barisal without renting a car.

By bus from Dhaka to Kuakata

You can travel Kuakata from Dhaka’s Gabtoli bus stand by Sakura Paribahan, Druti Paribahan, and Survi Paribahan. Non-AC bus fare cost you 650 to 600 BDT per person and AC bus fare is 1000 BDT. In addition, buses leave from Kamalapur BRTC bus depot for Kuakata every morning and night.


Where To Stay At Kuakata?

Kuakata has two post bungalows and Sagar Kanya Tourism Holiday Homes. LGED has two, one on roads and highways, two in the district council and one in the Rakhine Culture Academy. If you want to stay in these places, you have to get the prior permission of the concerned department. Besides, more than 50 residential hotels and motels, big and small, have been set up in the tourist city on private initiative. Modern standard hotels include: Hotel Nilanjana, Hotel B-View, Hotel Golden Perez, Hotel Beach-Valley, Hotel Family Homes, Kuakata Guest House, Hotel Sagar Kanya, Hotel Al Hera, Hotel Akon, Hotel Sea-Garden Several more hotels and motels with memories.

Food facilities

Hotels in Kuakata arrange their own meals for their guests in their own restaurants. Besides, a variety of local food is also available in local restaurants here.


Want To Travel Kuakata?

You will see fishermen fishing on Kuakata beach almost all year round. If you want to go to the beach, you can rent a motorcycle or a horse. The amount of rental money usually depends on the distance and time. There are also several chars near Kuakata. There are speedboats, trawlers, and motor boats. There is also a picnic near Kuakata beach.

So, it would be a memorable tour in your life. So, prepare your destinations to enjoy a week in the beach of sunrise and sunset.

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