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Tasco Essentials Binocular Review

Tasco Essentials Binocular Review


When it comes to outdoor sports optics, Tasco is a name that always comes to my mind. It is similar to the fact that whenever I think of coffee or e-commerce Starbucks and Amazon respectively come to my mind. Tasco is a brand that makes high-quality sports optics like binoculars, rifle scopes, telescopes, monoculars, etc.

It has a reputation of being a good quality company that manufacturer’s excellent quality products. While I was browsing through Amazon for a good set of binoculars, I came across the Tasco Essentials binocular’s product line. I have thus checked the complete product line and found that every binocular is superior to the other and yet, is a good make. Here are features of the Tasco Essentials Binoculars, namely,

Tasco Essentials Binocular

 Wide Range

The Tasco Essentials Binoculars are made with utmost care and precision. They are made of high-quality material and workmanship. Tasco binoculars come in a wide range of sizes and magnifications. The Tasco Essentials also have a wide range of binoculars under each product brand. Tasco Essentials Porro come in 5 different magnifications which are 4×30 mm, 7×35 mm, 10×55 mm, 10-30×50 mm and 8-24×25 mm.Similarly, there are six different magnification varieties in Essentials Roof, which are 8×21 mm, 10×25 mm, 16×32 mm, 10×42 mm, 10×25 mm and 12×25 mm.

Powerful Optics

The Tasco Essentials Binoculars come in two product ranges i.e. Porro and Roof. These two ranges have a total of 11 varieties which vary from 4x to 30x magnifications. The diameters of the objective lens vary from 25 mm to 55 mm. The field of views differs from 240 feet to 383 feet at 1000 yards. Every Tasco product is packed with the latest optical features that enable sharp and bright viewing. Every binocular is fully coated for better light transmission and superior viewing.



Every Tasco Essentials Binocular is made with keeping in mind the comfort and happiness of its users. They have an effective feedback system that lets them take care of the needs of its customers. The binoculars come with rubber fold- down eye cups which enables firm gripping. They also make viewing comfortable for people who view with their glasses on. The only drawback with Tasco binoculars is that they are not adapt to a mount of tripods. They come with a center focus system that makes focusing easier.


Reasonable Price

The Tasco Essentials Binoculars are water resistant and can be carried in all weather conditions. They are handy and also have an affordable price. They are available on Amazon starting at a price of $8.99 which go up to $148.56. The binoculars come with roof prisms that are of superior quality and enable bright viewing. They are lightweight and are not a burden when carried around. They can be kept in the vehicle’s glove compartment or a jacket pocket.


The Tasco Essentials Binoculars are adjustable and versatile. They have a quickly adjustable focus, placed at the center of the binocular. The eyecups of the binoculars can be folded and clasped easily. They can be folded down by people who use binoculars with their glasses on. They are compactly designed and can be used while hiking, trekking or bicycle touring. They are quality products made with absolute care for mistakes. The Tasco binoculars come with a limited lifetime warranty. The eyecups are covered with rubber armors for shock absorption and firm grip.



  1. High-quality binoculars with a wide range of magnifications and diameters.
  2. Fully coated lenses.
  3. The rubber-armored coating on eyecups.
  4. Adjustable fold-down eyecups.
  5. Centre focus system.


  1. Are not tripod mountable.
  2. Can only be used for viewing in the daytime.


Q: How is the viewing quality?

A: The viewing has clarity. Its lenses are fully coated for better light transmission.

Q: Is it compact enough to be used by a kid?

A: Yes, it can be easily used by a child of 12 years or older.

Q: Can it be mounted upon a tripod?

A: No, The Tasco Essentials Binoculars are not tripoded mountable.


Final Verdict


The Tasco Essentials Binoculars are made with keeping quality aspects in mind. They have branded products at a reasonable price. They are available on Amazon for a good price. They can be used roughly while trekking and bicycle trips. They are highly convenient and available at an affordable price. Tasco boasts balance between quality make and high optics, along with formidable performance. They are worth the price.


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