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10x50 Wide Angle Binocular

Bushnell Falcon 10×50 Binocular

Bushnell Falcon 10×50 Wide Angle Binoculars Review

Are you an avid birdwatcher who has no problem in going to the forests or swamps, getting yourself dirty, and waiting for hours together to catch a glimpse of avian life? Do you love hunting and are longing to get close to your subject without actually being all that close to them? Are you looking for a pair of binoculars which will not only offer top-notch, high-quality features but at the same time not burn a hole in your pocket? Search no more, these 10×50 Wide Angle Binoculars are here to the rescue.

10×50 Wide Angle Lens

This simply indicates that you can magnify your subject ten times through the 55mm diameter wide-angle lens, thereby offering powerful magnification. It is one of the most intriguing features of this product. The wide-angle lens provides a beautiful panoramic view and does live up to the expectations. The 55mm diameter large lens offers exceptional light-capturing capability making this product ideal for low-light or nighttime hunting, hiking, Twilight bird watching and many other outdoor activities.

10x50 Wide Angle Binocular

Quick Focus

Don’t we just hate it when we miss out on that perfect moment because we were busy focusing the binoculars to the perfect setting? Well, that will not be a problem with these. The quick focus feature does not require much movement to keep the target in view and thus helps in focusing very quickly. This feature makes the binoculars perfect for viewing subjects which are moving rapidly such as birds, animals or if you wish to view at a particular distance for a long period or if you are viewing horse racing or car racing or other such sports.

300-Feet Field View At 1000 Yards & Adjustments For Hunting

This set of binoculars provides a 300-feet field of view at 1000 yards which means that you will be able to see 300 feet of an object that is 1000 yards away from you. Thus offering a large amount of area to view through the binoculars. You will also be able to make adjustments for hunting which will require changing the inter-pupillary distance (distance between your eyes), and this varies from one person to another, thus making viewing very comfortable and easy.

Durable Built, Abrasion-Resistant Finish, Light Weight

This set of binoculars has a very strong built designed to last for a very long time. They are extremely durable and flaunt a rugged frame that is not very slippery in nature. The case is protective in the sense that they will be safe no matter how you use them. The Abrasion-resistant and scratch-proof design help in maintaining the beauty of the binoculars for a long time and making it fairly low maintenance. They will easily survive a few falls without any problems. In spite of being packed with so much good, they tip the scales at just 27 ounces that make them very easy to carry around without any burden.

9mm Eye Relief, 5mm Exit Pupil, Rubber Eyecups

These pair of binoculars offer a 9mm eye relief that provides excellent viewing comfort. This feature is very useful when you are going to be viewing through the binoculars for a very long time. The 5mm exit pupil is just about ideal for efficient light-gathering without making the image over bright and unable to be viewed properly. The rubber eyecups provide maximum comfort and will also eliminate unnecessary light. If you wear sunglasses or eyeglasses then just roll down these eyecups, and they will not produce any scratches on the sun/eyeglasses.


  • The huge lens that provides high-quality crisp magnified images
  • Quick focusing without interruption
  • Sturdy, durable and built for high-intensity wear and tear without having to worry about them.
  • Low maintenance
  • Comfortable and easy to use without straining the eyes.
  • Lightweight compared to other binoculars. Easy to move around with them.
  • Works great with sun/eyeglasses
  • Great for birdwatching, hunting, hiking, sports events
  • Cost effective without compromising on the features.


  • Sometimes the lens caps fall off but this completely depends on the way you use them and handle them.
  • No tripod socket provided which would have been great for kids to see exactly what we want them to see.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do these pair of binoculars come with a case and strap?

A.1) Yes, A case, shoulder strap. Lens cap and a cleaning cloth for the lens are all included with these binoculars.

Q.2) Are they good for night watching?

A.2) Yes, they are great for night watching, may it be wildlife watching, bird watching in low light or even a dark concert.

Q.3) Are these binoculars good for stargazing?

A.3) Yes, they are great for the star and the moon gazing on a night away from the city lights or stadium lights.

Final Verdict

To put it in a nutshell, these are an exceptional pair of binoculars for a wide array of activities. In spite of not creating a hole in your pocket, these are high-quality binoculars that won’t disappoint you. For a person like me, there is nothing better than not spending away all my savings for ridiculously expensive binoculars and still getting those premium top notch features. These binoculars have excellent value for money irrespective of your usage. This is it!! This is just what you need.




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