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Canon Binocular Review

Canon 12×36 Image Stabilization II Binoculars w/Case, Neck Strap & Batteries


As an experienced birder/ bird watcher, I like spending on binoculars. Although, I have about 50 different varieties of binoculars, I still long for more. I just love spending on new binoculars. If my Amazon account is ever reviewed, the reviewer will find binoculars in nine out of ten purchases I’ve made.

Well, as I understand every binocular lover wants to own the latest and sophisticated pair of binoculars. While browsing through Amazon, I found another great pair of binoculars which has some latest technologically advanced features and is quite sophisticated too.

High-Resolution Optics


The 12×36 Image Stabilization II binoculars are equipped with excellent optics. It has a magnification of 12x which means it can zoom up to 12 times. Thus, a user will be able to view objects 12 times closer than he can with a naked eye.

The objective lenses of the binoculars are off 36 mm diameters, which are multi-coated to deliver brighter images. The coating also provides relief to the users’ eyes. The binoculars are equipped with latest technology apparatus like Doublet Field Flattener, which helps in image sharpening.

12x36 Image Stabilization II Binocular

Image Stabilization


The 12×36 Image Stabilization II binoculars boast image stabilization as their USP. Also, not many binoculars come with this feature. The binocular uses Vari- Angle Prism (VAP) corrective image stabilization system to provide this feature.

A special Vari- Angle Prism sits between the objective lens and Porro prism which enables the feature of Image stabilization. Even the control of image stabilization is located at the center of the binocular for easy handling.

The best part is that the reaction time of the binoculars is superb, it’s around 1000th of a second which is awesomely fast.

Rubber Armored


The 12×36 Image Stabilization II binoculars are covered with rubber armor that is fitted to provide a no- slip firm grip. The rubber armor prevents the binoculars from slipping and breaking.

The rubber armor also provides water and dust resistance. It does not allow water to fog the optics when caught in a light rain. The rubber armor housing absorbs shocks and helps in image stabilization.

It is quite helpful and one of the most important preventive measures taken by the manufacturers. The armor also prevents the binoculars from getting any scratches from eyeglasses.



The 12×36 Image Stabilization II binoculars are designed for excellence. They are designed with utmost care and precision. They are designed keeping in mind the comfort and at the same time technological advancement.

For example, the image stabilization feature provides comfort to eyes and at the same time is the latest technology. The lens used is of superior quality and is lead-free too which makes it eco-friendly.

The binoculars are designed to be useful even in the most rugged of the conditions.

Complete Kit


The 12×36 Image Stabilization II binoculars come in a complete kit with detachable neck strap, a soft carrying case and 2 AA- size alkaline batteries and a limited lifetime warranty. The binoculars have some advanced and powerful features that enable a superior quality view.

The binoculars do not get foggy when used in light rains and wet conditions. They are high-quality, low maintenance binoculars that are available on Amazon only for a price of $575. The binoculars are lightweight and only weigh around 1.96 pounds.



  1. Image stabilization technology.
  2. High resolution and powerful optics.
  3.  The well-designed body along with rubber armoring.
  4. Excellent battery life i.e. Up to 12 hrs
  5. Water resistant.
  6. Lead-free glasses.
  7. Easy handling.



  1. No, autofocus.
  2. Can be used for viewing only in the daytime.
  3. Cannot be mounted upon a tripod.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q: Are the binoculars waterproof?

A: No, the binoculars are only water resistant.

Q: What’s the magnification of these binoculars?

A: The binoculars have a magnification of 12x.

Q: Is the image stabilization automatic?

A: No, The image stabilization feature has to be manually operated.

Final Verdict


The 12×36 Image Stabilization II binoculars are a superb pair of binoculars powerful for activities like bird watching, outdoor activities like trekking, hunting, etc.

The binoculars are loaded with features and still have a reasonable price. Apart from one or two drawbacks that are present in each and every binocular, these binoculars are wonderful.

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