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Nijhum Dwip Island
Nijhum Dwip Island

Nijhum Dwip Tour – Complete Travel Guideline

Nijhum Dwip is located to the south of Hatia Upazila at the mouth of the Meghna river in the south of the Noakhali district. The island began to rise from the Bay of Bengal in the 1940s. After going through various stages of char formation, Nijhumdwip became suitable for grazing or grazing in the late ’40s. While fishing, the fishermen of Hatiyar discovered Nijhumdwip. Settlement began in Nijhumdwip in the mid-fifties. Originally from Hatiyar Jahajmara Union, some fishing families first came to Nijhum Island.

Fishermen named the island “Ichhamati Island” because of the large number of Ichha fish (shrimp) caught in the area adjacent to Nijhumdwip. The island was sometimes called the Baylor Dale by the locals, as it sometimes resembled a sand dune or a tiller. Although the name Ichhamati Island has been lost over time, locals still refer to the island as the Baylor Dale. Regardless of the name of Nijhum Island or Baylar Dale, the Diyara Survey Division of the Land Ministry surveys the land of this island as Char Osman Mouza. It is said that a brave Bathania named Sardar Osman was the first to cross the Meghna with 100 buffaloes and come to the island for the first time. The entire Nijhum Island has a human settlement of about 3000.00 acres and the rest is covered with mangrove forestry. Ichhamati Island, Bailar Char, or Char Osman by whatever name is locally known, this island has been known to the people of Bangladesh as Nijhum Island since the early ’80s.

Nijhum Dwip Island Deer
Nijhum Dwip Island Deer

Nijhum Dwip (Island)

At the very end of the Noakhali district of Bangladesh, now known as Nijhum Island. Nijhum Island belongs to Hatia Upazila and the way to get here is through Hatia. It is a part of Noakhali but the image of this island is completely opposite. Standing on Nijhum Island, it would seem that this island is really Nijhum (Silence) as if I am leaving Bangladesh, leaving the world and observing another dreamland.

Located at the mouth of the Bay of Bengal in the southern part of Bangladesh, this island is an unobstructed green, a diverse island of bizarre vibrancy. The life of the people in this region of mangrove forests on the one hand and vast sands on the other are diverse as well as difficult. On the other hand, the island is a great potential for tourism.

Nijhum Dwip Chor
Nijhum Dwip Chor

The creation of this island is mainly due to the formation of chars in the mouth of the Bay of Bengal. Over time, it has grown into a vast territory. And it is expected that these gradually increasing chars will have a good impact on the map of Bangladesh.

Attractive places of Nijhum Dwip

From afternoon to evening, deer are likely to be seen after a short walk along the Chowdhury canal near Kabiraj’s Char. Besides, if you take a trawler reserve, the boatman will show you the deer. It will cost 1000 to 1200 Taka to rent a trawler for 10-15 people. In the evening, a herd of thousands of buffaloes will catch your eye with the sunset on Kabiraj’s char.

And on Kamala Island, a lot of Hilsa is found in the Kamala canal. You can buy fresh Hilsa from the locals. On Nijhum Island, local little boys work as guides and you can easily see mangrove deer in the morning with them. It takes 10 minutes to walk from Namar Bazar to Namar Bazar Sea Beach. You can also have a barbecue from Nama Bazar Sea Beach without watching the sunrise and sunset.

Nijhum Dwip Guest Birds
Nijhum Dwip Guest Birds

The new sea beach south of Damar Char is known as the Virgin Island. Many unnamed birds are seen on this island. To get to this island, it will cost 3000 to 3500 Taka. Deer can also be seen from the verandah of Nijhum Resort in Choakhali. Also, if you have time, you can spend a day in Bhola Dhalchar, Char Kukri-Mukri with the trawler reserve. So, if you see the interesting places in Nijhum Dwip, it would be like below.

  • Chowdhury Canal and Kabiraj’s Char – You have to go before the evening in the afternoon, you can see deer herds in the forest after walking for an hour down Chowdhury Canal. Reserve a trawler. For a group of 10-15 people, 1000-1200 Taka. They will show you the deer. Don’t forget to go down to Kabiraj’s Char in the evening and watch the sunset and herd of thousands of buffaloes.
  • Komlar Dwip (Orange Island) – There are many Hilsa fish in the Orange Canal. The surrounding islands are also beautiful.
  • Mangrove Forest – This is the Nijhum Island Forestry Project. The little boys on Nijhum Island work as guides, taking them into the forest in the morning. You will see deer.
  • Nama Bazar Sea Beach – It takes 10 minutes to walk from Nama Bazar. From here you can see the sunrise and sunset, have fun barbecues here.
  • Damar Char and Virgin Sea Beach – To the south of Damar Char is a new sea beach called Virgin Island. You will see many unnamed birds here if you go very early in the morning. This place is still unknown to many tourists. Trawler rent 3000-3500 Taka.
  • Choakhali and Choakhali Sea Beach – If you go to Choakhali, you can see deer very early in the morning. Tell the motorcyclist that he will pick you up from the hotel very early in the morning and show you the deer. If you are lucky, you can wake up at 5 am and brush your teeth and you can see 2/4 deer from the veranda of Nijhum Resort.

Note: If you take the time, you can come back from Bhola Dhalchar, Char Kukri-Mukri with trawler reserve.

Canal Nijhum Dwip

Discovering and settlement Of Living

People first find it in the late forties or early fifties. Fishermen from Hatia, Char Fashion, Ramgati, Shahbazpur etc. used to go far and wide in search of fish. They were the first to find the island. Long after the island was discovered, no settlement was established on the island. Probably in the late fifties, probably in 1957, the Bathaniyas (buffalo herders) from some of the surrounding areas, including the first Hatia, first came and settled in the area. The island was also known as Ichhamati among the locals. In the regional language of the Noakhali region, the name of the shrimp is ‘Icha’, ‘Icha’, or ‘Ichamach’. Lots of shrimps could be found around Nijhum Island then. This is why it is called.

The island is also known as ‘Baular Char’ because of the high sand dunes and vast expanses of sand across the char. The chief of the Bathania was Batainna Osman (local name of buffalo herders). The island was known as ‘Char Osman’ for a long time after his name. Due to the sincere support of Osman Batainna in the survey conducted by the Land Department of Bangladesh in 1959-60, the then land officer named the island after him as ‘Char Osman’. The island has been known by this name ever since. The northern part of the island is called Char Kamala and the northeastern part is called Bandartila. The area has been heavily populated since the ’70s. The island was renamed Nijhum Island in 1979.

Kabirajer Chor

Biodiversity Of Nijhum Island

Since 1972, the Forest Department of Bangladesh has started the work of developing coastal forests here. A 20-year project was undertaken. About 2 crore 43 lakh saplings (trees) were planted. The forest vegetation of this region includes Keora, Gewa, Crab, Bain etc. The island also has about 21 species of trees and 43 species of shrubs.

The island is an invaluable resource in terms of natural beauty as it includes about 35 species of birds including deer, wild dogs, snakes, wild cats and storks, fisherman, swallow, bulbul, hottie, kite, and abalone. In 1978, the forest department brought four pairs of Chitra deer and released them in the forest on the island. In the next few decades, the amount increased to more than twenty thousand. In winter, the island is a unique place for guest birds to roam. The island is home to some of the most unique, impeccable and varied sightings of guest birds in the whole of Bangladesh.

Birds Nijhum Dwip
Birds Nijhum Dwip

The island is a different world with the sun shining in front of the sea sand, the sight of innumerable guest birds flying.

Tourism In Nijhum Dwip

Nijhum Island lags far behind other tourist areas in Bangladesh. The standard of living is not improved in the main part of the Noakhali district. The main part of Nijhum Island from Noakhali is far away in terms of geographical location. Hatia is not directly connected to Noakhali, where Nijhum Island is even farther from Hatia. Due to such conditions, i.e. distance and travel problems, its tourism is still far behind other areas. You have to go to Nijhum Island with the mentality of enduring a lot of hardships and spending time. It is not possible to realize the beauty of this nature by rushing with less time.

Communication System To Travel Nijhum Dwip

The island is accessible by land and water. It takes a little less time on the road. In that case, you will not get the wonderful experience of launch travel.

Trawler At Nijhum Dwip
Trawler At Nijhum Dwip

Way to go by road

If you go by road to Nijhum Dwip, you can go both by bus or train.

Train / bus

If you go by train, you have to get up from Kamalapur station and get off at Maijdi in Noakhali. Or if you take a bus, the bus will stop at Sonapur in Noakhali. You have to go from Sonapur or Maijdi to Chairman Ghat. Chairman Ghat can be reached by local bus or CNG from Maijdi or Sonapur. Hatia will have to go again from Chairman Ghat.

Speedboats, trawlers or C-trucks can be used to reach Hatiya Nalchira Ghat. From Nalchira Ghat you have to go to Hatiya Moktar Ghat again. You can go with a reserve CNG or bike. From Hatiyar Moktarghat, you will finally get on a local trawler and reach Bandartila Ghat on Nijhum Island. If you want to stay in Nijhumdwip, you have to go to Bandar Tila by rickshaw or bike. All in all, this train or bus route has to be quite broken, which is quite annoying.


Once launched, you will reach Hatiya Tamuruddi Ghat directly from Sadarghat. The launch leaves Dhaka only once a day for the purpose of Hatiya and the launch leaves at the right time. So we need to be careful about this. The launch, which left in the evening, reached Hatiya Tamuruddi Ghat between 8-9 am the next day.

Bondortila Ghat Nijhum
Bondortila Ghat Nijhum

The journey from Hatia to Nijhum Island is quite time-consuming. So it is better to go down to Hatia and have breakfast. There are two ways to reach Nijhum Island from Hatiya Tamuruddi Ghat. There are two types of attraction. No path is less interesting. So if you want you can use two ways to come and go twice.

The first way is to go to Hatiya Moktar Ghat by renting reserve CNG or renting a bike from the market next to Tamuruddi Ghat. This path is very difficult because the roads of Hatiya are indescribably broken. According to locals, the budget has been given several times due to government intervention, but for some unknown reason, no significant steps have been taken to improve the roads in the area.

Five people can go by CNG, and getting on CNG is quite difficult due to broken roads. The bike can be ridden in twos. In this case, the difficulty of the broken road is less understood and it is possible to reach Moktar Ghat in less time than CNG. From Moktar Ghat, you can reach Nijhum Island directly by a local trawler. But the advantage of this road is that you can see your handiwork on the go. In some places, you have to get off by CNG or bike, in that case, you can get down and look around. Although it is a difficult journey, seeing the whole tool is a different feeling.

Guest Bird Nijhum Dwip
Guest Bird Nijhum Dwip

The second way is to get off the launch and go directly to Nijhum Island by trawler from the market next to Hatiya Tamuruddi Ghat. For this, you can go directly by reserving a trawler, in which case the fare will be higher. You can also go directly to Bandartila Ghat on Nijhum Island by fishing trawler talking to the locals in the market. Running in a trawler through the chest of a mad Meghna for a few hours is like a heavenly serene feeling.

If one wishes to experience the two ways, one can take the path to the island and the other way back.

Staying the Night and eating at Nijhum Dwip

If you want to stay at a hotel in Nijhum Island, you have to take a bike or rickshaw from Bandartila Ghat to the market. Nijhum Resort, Hotel Shaheen, Hotel Dwip Sandwip are good for staying. If you want to stay in Bandartila, you can stay at Nijhum Island Dream Land Resort and Hotel Sheraton. You can also camp if you want.

The food system is also quite good. A different taste can be found in their cooking. Marine fish, shrimp are significant. If you want to do a barbecue, you have to take the equipment yourself. If you only stay at Nijhum Resort, you will find barbecue equipment there.

Nijhum Dwip
Nijhum Dwip

What must you do at Nijhum Dwip

Seeing deer very early in the morning is the main attraction of Nijhum Island. In the past, deer could be seen at any time as there were enough deer. Deer sightings for local people and tourists and wild dog hunting are now a matter of luck.

If you want to see deer, you have to go to Choakhali by bike very early in the morning. In the morning the island captures a view that the beauty of which will be lost to the unknown for a while.

Also, on the day you reach Nijhum Island at noon, you can hire a trawler or boatman from Namabazar to go for a walk in the morning. He will take the surrounding chars through the Chowdhury canal. As you walk through the canal, you will see a different kind of green mangrove forest. Foxes and wild dogs can be seen.

Nijhum Dwip Chor
Nijhum Dwip Chor

The sunset on this island is so enchanting that for a while you will feel as if the world around you has stopped. Losing sense in such close proximity to nature is also a completely different feeling.

There is also Namar Bazar Sea Beach. The water will not be available on the beach at low tide, you have to go during high tide. You can reach there by walking for a few minutes from Namabazar. Go for a walk in the mangrove forest during the day. You can also walk around the whole area at night. There are very few places in the country where such an unbearable beauty of the stars that sit in the night sky.

The breathtaking forest, the journey through the intoxicated Meghna, the enchanting beauty of the dawn inside the forest, the suddenly running Chitra deer, the sea sand, the hands of the stars in the open desert of the deep night, a unique nature observation in a quiet environment, all these are silent islands. More mysterious than any other place, it thrills travelers. This isolated, mysterious, beautiful island is a must-see for any traveler.

Live Travel Guideline Of Visiting Nijhum Dwip

I have reached Nijhum Island. I have come here after crossing many paths. To see the deer cubs. Not too far away. But the transportation system is terrible. I left Chittagong at 8 in the morning and arrived here at 9 at night. A brother was with me. He sent an SMS the previous morning asking if I would go to Nijhum Island. I said, Sure. After talking, I decided to go out the next morning. Thus began our journey.

Way To Hatia
Way To Hatia

I came to Sonapur by bus from Chittagong. I came there and ate breakfast and lunch together. I am saving a lot of money, ha ha.

I came by CNG from Sonapur to Chairman Ghat. On arrival, I asked CNG Walla how to get to Nijhum Island. He said that you have to go by a trawler from Chairman Ghat to Kamaruddi Ghat, Hatia. Moktar Ghat is about 60 km away from Kamaruddi Ghat. From here again by trawler to Nijhum Island. He said he can’t go today. It will be too late. Advised us to leave Hatia.
The name of Chairman Ghat matches the characteristics of the sailors there. Terrible Nawab. There is no name to leave the trawler. Everything is like a whim. I first realized we had a problem. Later I came to know that this is their nature. I came here at 2 o’clock. The trawler left at 5 o’clock. I came to Hatia in a trawler from Chairman Ghat.

We landed on the north end of the tool. It’s evening. I got down there and asked if we could reach Nijhum Island tonight. No one can say, no one can say. I asked how many kilos. When does the last trawler leave, etc? Although many said to go to Hatiya at night. Then we tried once. I fixed the motorcycle. Then Tanvir’s brother started driving himself. I am the driver of the motorcycle in the middle, in the back. South head, about 60 km coming by motorbike. At Moktar Ghat. From where Nijhum Island comes. You have to get there and get on another trawler. Just a 5-minute walk. Trawler to go from this shore to that shore. A short distance between Hatia and Nijhum Island. It was 8 o’clock when we arrived. The last trawler at 8 o’clock. Luckily we got the trawler. If not, I would have to go back to Hatia. It was very difficult to come back to Nijhum Island.

Tomuruddi Ghat Hatia
Tomuruddi Ghat Hatia

You have to get on the trawler by treading mud. What else to do, I took off my shoes. After that, I fell in the trawler as I could not keep my balance. I fell and got pain in my nails. In the old toe. Blood again 🙁 terrible pain. Now I come to the room and writing after fresh, it still hurts.

The main two parts of the island. Bandartila and Namar Bazar. Bandartila is on the north side of the island. Where we first got off the trawler. And the Namar market is on the south side. About 10 km away from Bandartila. Accommodation is available on the market.

After disembarking at Bandartila, we got off at the original landing market with another motorcycle. There is a resort called Namar Bazar Vacation. There, some call it Nijhum Resort.

To stay on the island, you either have to stay on vacation, or you have to stay there to board the mosque. Although now a new resort is under construction. People here say that many tourists come in winter. Then there is no place for resort or boarding again. Many bring tents and stay in the forest. Now it is the rainy season, not many tourists come to the island. However, many people say that it is more beautiful in the rainy season.
I came to the room and freshened up. I took a hot shower! The arrangements here are so good that there is a hot shower. -_- It is hot, water is also hot on it. The water in the tank was heated by the heat of the day Sun. So this is a hot shower. After a while, I went to eat. Dinner. He gave us rice in a big bowl. Thick rice. I can name the rice. Fry with silverfish. After that, he gave fried shrimp. Then Tengra fish. Tengra fish broth is cooked. And pulses. I know what the service will look like. But the food was so funny. I had fun eating.

The Afternoon At Nijhum Dwip
The Afternoon At Nijhum Dwip

After that, I drank tea and sat on the street for a while. I talked about what I will do the next day. Then I came to the room and fell asleep. I had to pay for sleep. Because it is very hot on the island. Then there is no current. There are generator arrangements. But that’s only for a while, until about 11 p.m. But after that, if you have to keep the generator running, you have to pay extra money. So I did.

I woke up once in the morning and prayed. After that, I slept a little more and came out fresh at 8 in the morning. I went and had breakfast. Rice bread, fried eggs, vegetables, and tea. I went out to see the deer.
It had been raining since dawn. The rains are such that nothing happens when worn on the body. The clothes are not wet. But beautiful creates a feeling. The sky was cloudy because of this rain. It doesn’t feel hot, it doesn’t feel cold.

The guide who took us on a motorcycle to the holiday resort last night was with us. He started showing us different things with enough sincerity. He took me to the forest by motorcycle. Name ChoyaKhali. There are many deer here. We started looking for deer on foot. After walking some distance I saw a deer looking at us in the distance. Another is lying down. The deer were on one side of a small tube. We were on the other side. So I crossed the tube by boat.

Surroundings At Forest Nijhum Island
Surroundings At Forest Nijhum Island

I started walking slowly towards the deer. The deer stared at us for a long time. Then slowly they went into the forest. I could not find it. I started walking again for a long time. In search of deer. I didn’t get it. When I returned, I saw a herd of deer. So many. A huge horn. I started running after them. At first, he looked at me for a while. Then they ran through the forest so fast that I could not find them.

After seeing the deer, I came and ate tea and banana. It was good because there was no adulteration in the banana gullet. These are called desi bananas. Great to eat bananas soaked in tea, not tested.

There is a beach on Nijhum Island, Yes, Sea Beach. Went there. The boy on the motorcycle was showing us all this. On the way, I told some people to keep the Dab (Young Coconut) for us. I went to the beach and walked back. I ate Dab after coming. The Dabs look very small but looked great to eat. Then I went to the west side of the island. A place like a beach on that side too. I went there and sat for a while. Then I slowly came back to the room. It was 11 o’clock in the morning.

Then I came to the room and rested for a while. I left the room again at around 2 o’clock. For lunch. Hilsa was fried for us. I ate lunch with fried Hilsa and pulses. Tengra fish soup was with it. And there was Cheweya fish fry. After that, I came back to the room.

I went out again at 4 o’clock to see the deer. This time by boat. I started to walk around the forest by boat. It looked awesome to look around from the boat. The current flows through the middle of the green forest. We are moving from one side to the other in the current. The boatman just fixes the direction. We went to the other side of the island. I went into the forest and searched for the deer. The deer did not come out then. Didn’t see it. Terrible mosquitoes in the forest. If you stay in the forest for half an hour, it seems you can’t come back with blood. After a long walk in the forest, I got back on the boat. People there say that deer leave the forest in the evening and go to the shore to get rid of mosquitoes.

Sea Beach Nijhum Island
Sea Beach Nijhum Island

We left the boat in the water. I came and saw that the boat was very high, on the ground. And took a lot of water. The boat was lowered with a lot of push. We went downstairs, into the forest. Now if you want to return by boat, you have to wait for the tide till 10 pm. The plan was to wait. But after sitting for 2 minutes, the mosquito came and started attacking. It would not be wise to be there. What else to do, I left the boat and walked back to the room.

I came home fresh and went to eat dinner. After lunch, where I eat, I told him our last meal at night. So something good happens. His name is Altaf. Altaf Mian Hotel. He has especially fried shrimp for us. Fry the shrimp in a bowl for one. With pulses and gorgeous fish. I liked the food like that. After dinner, I had tea and returned to the room. I will leave the island the next morning.

After breakfast, I came to the north side of the island. From there we will go by a trawler. The name of the place where I will go to is Moktar Ghat. Maybe we can go to Monpura Island. Not sure yet.

When I came to Moktar Ghat, I saw that all the motorcycles were covering the strike. Everyone is standing in one serial. None will go anywhere. Maybe there was a problem. Later, those who called Dharma Ghat fixed a motorbike for us. Says the guest. Nice to meet you. Local people have to go on foot or by rickshaw. We will go from Moktar Ghat to Tamaruddi Ghat. From there I can either go to Monpura Island, or I can go to Dhaka, or I can go to Chittagong. After going to Tamar Uddi Ghat, I will go where my mind wants to go.

Nijhum Dwip Deer
Nijhum Dwip Deer

I decided to come to Moktar Ghat and go to Monpura. I got on the launch here. We reached Tamruddi Ghat at 11 o’clock. Everyone says the launch will leave at 12.30. It’s almost time now. But I don’t think time will tell.
Banglalink’s network was not available in Nijhum Island. So I turned off the network to save the phone battery. Didn’t call home for two days. I didn’t say where I was going. Why am I going? Because I don’t even know myself. And where will I go? I got up at launch and called online. Phone from home after a while. Dad calls and asks, do you have parents? -_- Everyone started thinking. Not getting my news.

The launch finally left around 1 p.m. We reached Monpura Island at around 2 o’clock. From here a motorcyclist picked us up. He first took me to a hotel and arranged for lunch. Then he came and went through our post bungalow. Expressed enough sincerity. The driver’s name was Alauddin. On the way, he gave us the keys to his motorcycle. To turn.

In Monpura, electricity is provided only for a short time at night. Although there is solar. But you have to keep the water in the tank at night. We come and see that there is no water in the bathroom. What else to do, I went to a tube well next door. I went there and took a bath. Tanvir’s brother went to a pond.

Freshened up, we went out on a motorcycle. Went too far. The ways to go were awesome. The scenes on both sides were worth seeing. I went to the end of Monpura Sadar Road. It was the Bengali market. Before the char. On the way, I asked a few places where Dab can be eaten. Everyone says in front .. I went there as soon as I went to the front. Then after asking someone, he said, yes, I will eat. The house next door. Took us. He let out a chair like a guest and sat down. Then we ate coconut. With enough sincerity. We liked it. After eating dab, I asked where the deer can be seen. Said Alam Bazar. We have been leaving Alam Bazar behind for a long time. So I went back to Alam Bazar.

Nijhum Dwip Canal area
Nijhum Dwip Canal area

Alam Bazar has a colony. Government Colony. Where perhaps floods or river breakers have given shelter. Many people live in small rooms together. Next to it is the deer’s grazing land. We went. Luck was good. Immediately I saw a deer. I took many pictures. The deer go away as soon as they try to get closer. Let’s try to get closer again. Goes away again. That’s how I took pictures for a while. I made a video for a while. Then I came back.

While walking through the colony, one of us said that there are women here. This is the house. Why are you entering here? We didn’t go to see the woman anymore. Went to see the deer. But another person there showed us all this beautifully. I said we did not look at your woman. Then I left there. I saw deer from a distance.

The places to come and go were really worth seeing. Another thing. It is more beautiful to see Monpura from Nijhum Island. I don’t know how long this beauty lasts. Because Monpura is breaking up very fast.

Mangrove Forest At Nijhum Dwip
Mangrove Forest At Nijhum Dwip

The roads inside the island are good. Monpura and Nijhum Island, the roads between the two islands. Paved road. You can ride a motorcycle as you wish. The scene can be seen standing anywhere. You can go to another place after having tea in the shop. Maybe it will be a little hard to come. But after watching all the troubles can be forgotten.

The body stays tired due to traveling all day. Take A good sleep at night. Today is Tuesday. I left Chittagong on Saturday. And I am coming to Chittagong from Dhaka on Wednesday night. Many days outdoors. I will go to Chairman Ghat after a while from Monpura. From there I will go to Laxmipur. Auntie has a house there. Then from there to Raipur. At uncle’s house. I will go to my house today or tomorrow from my uncle’s house. In Ramganj. Then maybe I will return to Dhaka on Thursday. The feeling of returning to your room after wandering is also different. Anyway, at least I didn’t go down without explaining myself first. But it was a wonderful trip, I can say.

The whole way back from Monpura was full of adventures. On the way, I went here to see the fish project. From there I came to the dock. Then I waited for the trawler. The trawler was supposed to arrive at 10 o’clock. It’s coming at about half-past eleven. At half-past eleven the sun is overhead. Trawler in the sea. The body began to sweat in the sun. After going like this for a while, the sky became a little cloudy. After some distance, it started raining. Heavy rain. The rain looked good. The rain does not wet the body. After 5 minutes of heavy rain. Everything started to get wet. Mobile with me, laptop, everything. Everyone in the trawler took to the open sky. Where the trawler’s engine is, there’s a little tent. I left the bags there and started getting wet. With tarpaulins in front of the trawlers, many began to escape the rain. I also took part in its shade. After a while, the rain fell. The shade was removed from the top. Because it’s hot enough inside.

Forest At Nijhum Dwip
Forest At Nijhum Dwip

After the rain, the sky became clear. The brightness of the sun increased more. The full force began to throw at us. In this way, I was crossing the whole path in the heat of the sun. Unable to sit all the time, I lay down again in the heat with a towel over my head. Calling the trawler. Then I sat up again. Shortly before the chairman ghat reached the wharf, the waves began to grow. Small trawler. Lots of people. With many cows. Once up, once down. One woman was new, she started screaming, oh God! Oh my gosh! O Baba Go! That’s how I reached the shore.

My feelings about Nijhum Island

Before coming to the island, I had the idea that life here is very difficult. Nothing good can be found here. Everyone will be poor. That’s it. The reason for such an idea about the island is but the article. The article used to be written like this. But no, the people here are well off. Everything you need to live is available. No electricity. But everyone here has solar in their house. There is TV connection. The shops here are also quite rich.

Buffello Nijhum Dwip
Buffello Nijhum Dwip

There are three primary schools here. There are madrasas. There is a private high school. Although many do not read or write then. The reason why young children do not read is that they have a scarcity of consciousness. They get paid for small jobs, so they don’t go to school. Rather do work.

The main road of the island is one. Went straight from one side of the island to the other. I have seen three markets.
There are rickshaws and motorbikes to get around the island. However, motorcycles are more. Moves from one place to another much faster. This motorcycle can be rented for touring the island. In this case, there are two benefits. He who rides a motorcycle will also act as a guide. If you can ride a motorcycle, you can drive it yourself.

My feelings about Monpura Island

I like the sincerity of the people. Monpura is a very old island. Although the name of the movie Monpura made it a popular destination, the shooting was done in Nijhumdwip also. The beauty of the island is very beautiful. Like watching the sunset. You can stay in a post bungalow at a very low cost. Much less than Nijhum Island and also better facilities than Nijhum Dwip.

The Afternoon At Nijhum Dwip

I have seen deer in Nijhum Island with as much difficulty as I have seen in Monpura. The problem is that there is a small amount of deer here. But there are many deer on Nijhum Island.

The people here also seem to be prosperous. There are enough opportunities to study. It is scary when the islands sink. Because everyone knows, these islands will sink at any time. In another direction, another island will be born. Again, many people will settle there. At some point it will sink again, it will continue, until the end of the world. Every time after eating food, I look at the bill and ask again, how much is the bill? So little! After eating so much and so little money. A lot of good food can be eaten, for very little money. There are many small Chars on both sides of the two islands. It can be called a small island. I don’t know if there are people everywhere. Maybe there is. Didn’t go, so didn’t know what’s in those places. Much of creation is surprising. It’s good to see the beauties. Maybe I’ll go again. Maybe not. Because there is so much more that remains to be seen. I know, I can’t finish seeing all of God’s creation. Then I can go and see as much as I can.

Nijhum Dwip Guest Birds
Nijhum Dwip Guest Birds

Update: Many people want to know the cost. The cost is much lower. The cost of food is very low. As usual in other regions, so. There are two costs to travel, one is the cost of food and the other is travel. Travel cost will be less if it is a pair of 2/4 people. Because you have to ride a motorcycle. And the cost of two people on a motorcycle, the cost of one and that. So if you do two, the cost will be reduced a lot. The cost of accommodation is fairly low. I can’t give the correct information, because I forgot so far.

Let’s Travel Nijhum Dwip

Putting aside the daily hustle and bustle of Dhaka, Nijhum Island may be your first choice for a day or two of refreshments. If you have a special interest in nature and animals, then your address to visit should be Nijhum Dwip.

So, readers, let’s visit this winter season in the land of Silence— Nijhum Island. But be sure to take the camera with you. Maybe you will come in front of the camera and catch the strangely beautiful deer.

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