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Tinap Saitar Bandarban

Tinap Saitar (Bandarban) Waterfall – Complete Travel Guideline

Tinap Saitar is the largest waterfall in Bangladesh. It is also known as Paindu Saitar. The waterfall is located in Paindu union of Ruma upazila of Bandarban district. Tinap Saitara is a bomb sound. In Bam language, Tinap means runny nose and Saita means spring or waterfall. It is located in Paindu canal.

Due to its remote location, the waterfall has not yet gained much recognition among tourists. However, those who have visited this waterfall along its difficult road are fascinated by its impossible beauty.

Tinap Saitar Waterfall
Tinap Saitar Waterfall

This naturally occurring waterfall is very different from other waterfalls. Its water is clear and cold-hot throughout the year. During the monsoon season, water flow increases in Tinap Saitar. The water of this waterfall falls into the Paindu canal from about one and a half feet above. Everyone is fascinated to see the water falling from above coming along the winding path. Another interesting thing is that the rainbow can be seen here in the sunlight during the day.

Why Tinap Saitar

For adventure lovers, it is one of the attractive place in Bangladesh. The joy of winning it is also limitless. Tinap Saitara is such a dreamy name for trekkers in Bangladesh. The inaccessible, perilous path of Tinap and the endurance of the traveler’s endurance, infinite courage and ability have made it absolutely adorable. Moreover, due to security concerns, the Bangladesh Army imposes restrictions on visiting the fountain. Let’s go back to Tinap.

‘Tinap’ in Bam means ‘ Naker Sordi—runny nose’. And ‘Saitar’ means ‘fountain’ or ‘waterfall’. Born from the Paindu canal, this waterfall is located at Roangchhari in Bandarban district. This waterfall, one of the largest in Bangladesh, was visited by travelers in 2014. Since then it has been the most anticipated place for travel-loving people.

This spring is located about 48 km away from Roangchhari Upazila of Bandarban. This whole path is a place full of winding, hilly and terrible canyons. With impossible courage, endurance, and physical examination due to its location, the waterfall surrenders its beauty to the trackers. Slippery rocks, high mountains, and rapids have to be returned to Jhiripath. Danger awaits here step by step. If you are a little careless, anything dangerous will be yours. So you must go with physical and human preparation before leaving.

Tinap Saitar Flower in the hilly areas
Tinap Saitar Flower in the hilly areas

Mighty Tinap Saitar is about 65 feet high. Just keep your head up and look at it for a few moments. Its wildness, terrifying roar and the touch of cool water will give a heavenly feeling. Just below the fountain is a huge boulder. Its fast current falls on them. During the monsoon season, the water flow of Tinap increases. And then Tinap is seen in a more terrifying beautiful form.

How To Go To Tinap Saitar

You have to reach Bandarban first from Dhaka. From there you have to go to Ruma by bus. It will take three hours. You can get off at Ruma, register at the army station, hire a guide, and reach Attah Para in Chander’s Gari (One Type Of Local Transport). Go to Tinap Saitar on foot from there. In the dry season, the road to Rumara is much easier and takes much less time.

  • Dhaka> Bandarban> Ruma Bazar> Arthapara> Munnampara> Paindu Khal> Tinap Saitar


  • Dhaka> Bandarban> Roangchhari> Roninpara> Devchhara Para> Paindu Khal> Tinap Saitar

Detailed Ways To Reach Tinap Saitar

First, you have to reach Bandarban. From Dhaka, S. Alam, Shyamoli, Saudia Paribahan buses travel directly to Bandarban. There are both AC and non-AC services, rent will be 550 to 950 Taka. Then there are two routes from Bandarban to Tinap Saitar as mentioned above. A relatively easy and also takes less time. The other is a long way and inaccessible. Originally popular and exciting among 2nd trackers.

Way To Tinap Saitar
Way To Tinap Saitar

If you want to go easy way, you can rent a jeep from Ruma in Bandarban to Attahpara. Then Tinap Saitara tracked the path for about two hours. In this way you can go back day by day.

The main attraction of the trekkers is the route to Roangchhari. This route is 40 kilometres long. If you have the habit, you can walk the whole path. As difficult as it will be, the tracking will be amazingly beautiful. Many people reach Tinap Saitara by tracking this whole way. It is better to avoid it without a lack of morale and strength.

Get off the Bandarban bus and go to Roangchhari bus stand with Tomtom. Rent 10 Taka. Here you will get 1-hour consecutive bus to Roangchhari. The bus fare for the one and a half hour journey will be 60 Taka per person. You can also go by Chander Gari. Cost from 1000 to 1200 Taka. It will take 1 hour. You have to go to Roangchhari, register at the police station and hire a guide. Then calculate how long you will stay with the guide and buy whatever you need, including rice and pulses. The next destination is Ronin Para.

Ronin Para can be reached on foot or by car to the moon. Moon car reserve will be around 5500 Taka. Two to two and a half hours will take you back down a steep hill. From there you have to walk for another hour. And if you can see nature and endure hardships, then walk away. It will take 6/7 hours to go. Reach Ronin Para and rest. The guide will take care of the work of eating here. Arrive at Ronin Para and report to Army Camp. Ronin Para is a very beautiful place. After spending the night here, he will leave for Tinap the next morning. Tinap Saitar is located at a distance of 13 km from Ronin Para. It will take 4 hours to cross the inaccessible mountain path and Jhiri. Sometimes you will see Debachhara neighborhood.

Note: Sorry, if misinterpret about the spelling of the local name and place name as well.

Average Cost For Going To Tinap Saitar

From Bandarban, take a Mahindra (rent 700-800 Taka) or a Chander Gari (rent 600-1000 Taka) to Roangchhari. With a guide from Roangchhari Bazar, permission has to be taken from the army camp and police station. Walking from Roangchhari to Keplangpara, Ranipara via Pankhimpara, permission to Ranipara Army Camp, you have to stay at Ranipara at night (100-150 Taka per person staying, 100 Taka per person eating). The next day from Ranipara to Debachharapara to Tinap Saitar, from there to New Para to Attapara, at night Attapara will have to stay (100 Taka per person staying, 60 Taka per person eating). The next day from Attapara to Chander by car (rent 4000-6000 Taka) to Ruma to Bandarban.

Pagoda Of Buddhist Bandarban
Pagoda Of Buddhist Bandarban

Where To Stay On Tinap Saitar (Bandarban)

There is a hotel named Radhaman in Roangchhari. The room will be rented for 150-200 Taka per hour. You can also spend the night here if you want. AC room will cost 1500 Taka and the non AC room will cost 500 Taka. In addition to Radhaman, you will find several hotels with the same facilities at almost the same cost. Apart from this, there are accommodation arrangements for the tribals in Ronin Para which will be arranged by the guide.

Where To Get Guide

You have to talk to the guide from Dhaka. The cost of the guide is at least 500 Takas per day, the rest depends on the situation. Along with this you have to pay 150 Taka per night for staying in Roninpara and also for cooking, wood cost etc. You can also take the guide with you to the market, or the guide himself can do it in advance. This place is not yet popular as a tourist spot. So the guide will not try to cut your throat, you can be sure about that. As human beings, everyone here is very hospitable and honest. So it is better not to go for bargaining.


  • Visitors to Tinap Saitar are often banned by the Bangladesh Army for security reasons. You must take the news before leaving.
  • Carry a national identity card or birth registration card or any type of identity card.
  • However, you have to go with enough human and physical preparation to cross this path.
  • Before leaving, get the details from someone.
  • Wear good grip shoes.
  • Keep with you the necessary medicine and first aid.
  • You will see leeches on the way. So keep with salt.
  • Always keep with water and dry food.
  • Get along well with the locals.
  • Of course, don’t throw dirt where there is.

Tinap Saitar (Extra Info)

Tinap Saitar is located in Roangchhari, Bandarban, which is now the largest waterfall in Bangladesh. To many, it is also known as Paindu Saitara. If you want to go to Tinap Saitar, you have to walk 40 kilometers. We have to come back that way again. The word Saitar in Bam means spring. After reaching Bandarban, get off the bus and go to Roangchhari by local bus from Roangchhari bus stand. From there you have to walk 23 km to Ronin Para with a guide. Walking 4/5 hours from Ronin Para at night the next day (time may be more or less depending on walking speed and stamina) when you suddenly cross the Paindu canal and huge hill and suddenly it appears in front of your eyes, Yes, in a strange love, in a strange intoxicating intoxication, you feel.

Tinap Saitar
Tinap Saitar


The amazing monster of nature is Tinap Saitar (How To Story)

The first acquaintance with the subject of tracking is when traveling to Lama. That too about four years ago. And this time I did the second tracking of my life on the way to Tinap Saitar. In all, I had to walk about 50 kilometers in three days. A few days ago, while searching for the answer to the question ‘Where to travel?’, I first heard about this fountain. In the regional language ‘sitar’ means spring.

I was talking about June 2017. The plan was to get out of this tracking using Roger off. We have eight passengers. I reached Bandarban in the morning without any problem. This time you have to go to Roangchhari Upazila from Bandarban Sadar. You can go by public transport. I had fun listening to the people on the bus. When we asked them to go to the roof of the bus, they said, ‘Of course, you come here to visit, have fun as much as you can.’

It took about an hour to set foot in Roangchhari. Walk from here. You have to spend about 18 km in the mountains and spend the night in Roninpara. The next day about 6 km more hills and at the end of Jhiripath Tinap Saitar.

The taste of childhood lozenges of 25 paise

Before leaving for Roninpara, permission has to be obtained from the local police. When I went to the police station, I was overwhelmed to see the use and responsibility of the police. However, for a short walk, we sailed a short distance. Then began our real tracking. The beginning of trekking is by crossing a steep hill. Having to stop for half an hour consecutive rest. There is a Jumghar next to Zum in the hills. This time these Jumghars have been used extensively as our resting place. After walking for two hours, when the body did not move, I got a shop at that time. Just simple shopping. A little tea, some unfamiliar biscuits, boiled eggs, and pineapple. But it seemed to us that we had found the nectar. I saw everyone just swallowing as if they had forgotten to chew food. And the pineapple is not like I swallowed a pot of juice. After coming to Dhaka, eating pineapple made me feel like I was eating soil. I was a little upset to think that eating mountain pineapple had ruined my urban pineapple eating forever. The taste of the tea here is also different. I got a taste of lozenges worth 25 paisa when I was a child.

Local Vegetables Tinap Saitar
Local Vegetables Tinap Saitar

The walking paths are vastly varied. Suppose you go from your room to the next room. You can walk straight, but it’s a hill, what else can be done in a simple way. So to get to the next room here, you first have to go straight up a hill, then down again. But you will reach the next room. I hope I have explained the matter to you.

Bathing in sweat, the body is warming up in the cold air again

The Bandarban place is very beautiful. At the bend of the path, he is sitting with various natural diversity to fascinate. Every time we get a little tired, nature fascinates us anew with the illusion of its form and forces us to forget our suffering. Maybe your whole body is bathed in sweat, you will see from where the cold air will come and cover your body. However, after walking for about six hours with a few more breaks on the way, the evening came down to reach Roninpara.

The entrance to Roninpara is a bit like a Hollywood horror movie. The entrance is actually a cemetery. The cemeteries here are a bit different. There is no wall around the tomb, there is only a stone engraved with the name. The people under the stone carved with hundreds of names seem to be watching your every move. When I was crossing this path in the evening with fatigue, a strange feeling was working in me. Finally I set foot in Roninpara. It is surprising to think that about 150 families live in such a remote place, considering the number of about 900 people. Bangladesh is very diverse.

Arranged for us at night are chicken, Aluvarta (Item with Potato), pulses, and mountain rice. Fatigue turned into a somewhat pleasant feeling when I saw the place to eat. Standing like a platform next to the backyard, with tables and chairs arranged in the middle of the bamboo. When I went to eat, I realized that the hill people eat less spices, not even salt. The reason behind this may be that these spices are less available in such remote places. Anyway, I started eating and felt like I was eating nectar. In fact, what I ate after walking all day on the mountain path was no longer the main issue, what I ate was the main issue.

The day we reached Roninpara, it was a full moon. A small white cloud in the sky and a round object like a dimlight in the middle of it. It is not possible for me to describe it. There are some things that can only be felt. This is the first trip of my life, where I have felt countless times without taking pictures with the camera. It seemed to me that it would be a sin to take pictures and destroy them without feeling this beauty. Sometimes it felt like I was in a remote area of ​​Africa or the Amazon.

Going to the leech kingdom

Our guide was chasing us again to catch the way back. I understood why he was chasing me after crossing some path. The water of Jhiri, which was not even waist-deep at the time of its arrival, has now risen by almost one hand. The current is almost double. After crossing some jhiri path, the guide said, it is not possible to cross the jhiri path in front, you have to cross the hill. But where is the path in this mountain, it is just jungle and jungle. Due to the rain, this path has become slippery. It was sunny at the time of arrival and Tinap Saitar was able to come through a fairly clear path. Didn’t catch any leech. So on the way to Tinap Saitar, I was thinking that all those who had threatened to go to the kingdom of leeches could come to Dhaka and be heard. But now it is raining, the inaccessible mountain path. The leech attack started. Leeches caught almost everyone in the front and back. Luckily he didn’t catch me but I ate a lot. I was protected because there was a tree next to it, otherwise, I would have fallen straight into the monster-shaped pond below. I will not say the rest. However, after crossing this horrible hill, we crossed the Jhiripath again and headed straight for Roninpara. Gradually the leech attack increased. It grabbed me too. My fear of leeches was strong, but when it comes to saving lives, the fear of leeches is largely trivial. And at the end of this trip, the fear of leech is gone. I don’t understand that something is biting you, if I don’t get the pain then what is the fear. You have to reach Roninpara before evening, otherwise, who knows how much more you have to deal with to cross this inaccessible path. When so much was happening together, I forgot to look at what was happening around me. When I stood up for a while on a steep hill to rest, nature took away all my fatigue from its beauty again. In the mountains beside me and far away, it is raining in torrents everywhere.

Beautiful Hill Near Tinap Saitar
Beautiful Hill Near Tinap Saitar

The mountain pineapples are just as huge as the mountains

For those who love rain, Sylhet is the paradise of earth and this mountain rain. Alone around in thick clouds and rain. One of the advantages was the rain. It felt less hot on the way, otherwise it would have been more difficult to come. After walking for an hour, I reached the only shop. Everyone was asked to boil one egg at a time. When I came, I saw that the eggs were boiled, but I realized that there would be nothing in one egg. I had to eat two more boiled eggs per person. 8 pineapples were eaten by 9 people. And the mountain pineapples are just as big as the mountains. Then came tea. I recovered one more new experience. It was raining, so I went out with tea. The evening was coming down fast, so I forgot the fatigue and left again.

Mountain red rice was not eaten

Who knew nature was sitting in front of us with more surprises. After walking for a while, I saw the sun going down. This is the first time the sunset has been seen in the mountains. Everyone stood up. Not everyone is able to move in this Maya trap. The red sun is merging into a distant mountain. All the white clouds around are red in its red-orange light. Everyone is silent for a minute. Then I heard a scream. Leech. Everyone looked at their feet and saw that they were doomed. Who knew that this beauty would be rewarded in this way. Four or five leeches on everyone’s feet. Somehow the leeches are removed from the legs and run properly. But the race is not going to be given, the mountain path has become very slippery due to the rain. Somehow he managed to save himself from being shot and it got dark before he came near Roninpara. After crossing the rest of the road with great difficulty, I came to Roninpara and saw that four more leeches had crossed the road with me. Leaving them is another problem. Whoever catches a leech, loves him so much that it does not even want to leave. The place where leech is caught is itchy for some time. Everyone was clean and rested and sat down to eat. I really wanted to eat mountain red rice, but this one hope remained unfulfilled.

After eating, I went to bed announcing the end of all the expeditions like that day. I was thinking for the next day. How is it possible to walk to Roangchhari for six hours again with this body. I went to sleep with this fear. I can’t sleep after going to bed for many days, I left today.

Local Lake Tinap Saitar
Local Lake Tinap Saitar

I woke up the next morning and saw that I had to move my body the day before. I can’t get out of bed today. The night before, the Bengali national medicine did not work even after taking napa. I moved my hands and feet with great difficulty and left after eating. After going some distance I see all the feelings disappear from the feet. I can only walk with a strong mind. After crossing the six-hour walk again, I reached Roangchhari Sadar by boat. I think my condition was a little too naughty, so I was falling behind again and again.

While crossing the road of Roangchhari Bazar, I could not resist the greed. When I went to the store, I heard a surprise. Speaking of coconuts, the shopkeeper said whether to eat cold coconuts or not! Ah peace peace. Meanwhile, another problem has arisen. The last bus from Roangchhari to Bandarban left at five o’clock and we reached Roangchhari at about six o’clock. What’s more, we had to rent a whole bus for eight of us. I couldn’t walk for a while, but when I saw my bus, I was tempted to climb on the roof again. It is raining heavily again. After an hour I arrived in Bandarban. On the way I saw such a clear and big rainbow after a long time.

Beef after delicious fish

On the way back, a thought was swirling in my head, will have to give a good feast this time. The tracking companion took an older brother to a chipper broken shop. By no means do I want to convey that I recommend for the mother to be inactive. Brother says, the food in this shop is good, and there is no better food than this. I have great confidence in this man. This is the man who first introduced me to the famous food in the streets of old Dhaka. The food came, first of all, the fish. I don’t know if I was hungry or not, I have never eaten such delicious fish stuffing before. Then came the beef. It was good too. After eating, I was sitting on a tree stump gathered on the side of the road and drinking soft drinks. The mind is quite calm and tired. I thought to myself, I had to do my best to give the best trip of my life.

The bus left for Dhaka. The return journey began. We set off again to return to that busy life. This trip reminded me again of that question in Tarashankar Banerjee’s novel ‘Poet’, ‘Life is so short’.

Let’s Travel Tinap Saitar

Tinap Saitar is said to be the largest waterfall in Bangladesh. However, the path to Tinap is unique and you will remember it lifelong. It is tough to forget the beautiful Paindu canal. If you visit Tinap Saitar already, make a comment expressing your feelings. Or be prepared to take the taste of the mother nature of Bangladesh. Thanks 🙂


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