Wednesday , 4 August 2021
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Team Realtree 3-Arm EZ Hanger (Olive Green)

Get The Discount Link For Amazon

Team Realtree 3-Arm EZ Hanger (Olive Green)


The product Team Realtree 3-Arm EZ Hanger (Olive Green) works great. With this hanger one can easily find a direction that positions one’s bow within effortless reach even in abnormally shaped trees. In my estimation, this product is excellent to turn the arms in a particular way, its hardware will loosen.

Need to be conscious of this can be minimized those movements of the arms. It usually happens while you are going to install the hanger into the tree. If you turn the arms in the opposite direction and you can re-tight it without any tools.


Item Description:

The Team Realtree 34-Inch EZ Hanger 3 is a multi-reason apparatus that effortlessly screws into a tree to offer you some assistance in keeping your bow and all your rigging inside of the arm’s range.

It is enormous for in the tree either at the campground or home also highlights the Team Real Tree logo.

This is a multi-reason device for hanging your binoculars, calls, or even a helpful instrument for your home with plants. It swivels for simple access.

It’s constructed of heavy-duty steel; Powder covered paint and Reaches out to 34 inches.

That Provides simple access to your hunting and arrow based weaponry chasing needs. It can extend to 34 inches.



Team Realtree 3-Arm EZ Hanger (Olive Green) is a great tool for hunting. You can buy one for your assistance. For your buying you may go to any marketplace of binoculars, on the other hand, you can also buy through online from Amazon. For buying, these products, from Amazon Please go through this link.

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