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Silhouette Splatter Target ( 50 Pack – 12″x 18″ )


Silhouette Splatter Target ( 50 Pack – 12″x 18″)

Here, I would like to describe you shortly regarding 50 Pack-12″x 18″ Silhouette Splatter Target.

Silhouette Splatter Target is essential to see your shots/attempts at remoteness or distance easily. So, to observe your shots instantly through Splatter Burst Targets. Watch instantly your shots burst or come apart bright fluorescent yellow upon impact.

Whether shooting inside or outside, these high visibility targets make it simple to see your shots exclusive of walking downrange. The splendid yellow shots holes are observable in every single light condition without the guide of binoculars or spotting scopes, awesome for individuals with decreased vision.

Made of heavy function non-adhesive label board, they hold up shot after shot. Amazing for all guns, including rifles, guns, shotguns, BB, and pellet weapons. Attempt a Splatterburst Target and you will see the distinction! – Search “Splatterburst Targets” to see every one of our objectives and packs.

Special Features of Product:

Easily see your shots at a separation.

No, all the more walking down range to see your shots.

Heavy function non-adhesive label board withstands shot after shot.

The extreme focus for all Guns, including Airsoft and BB firearms.

Also obtainable in 10 and 25 packs – MADE IN USA – Makes an awesome gift.



50 Pack – 12″x 18″ Silhouette Splatter Target – by Splatterburst Targets LLC. Instantly See Your Shots Burst Bright Florescent Yellow Upon Impact! Whenever you are shooting inside or outside, these lofty visibility targets make it effortless to see your shots exclusive of walking downrange.

It is wonderful for all types of weapons. You can buy this product from your any local electronics market. If you like to purchase this product through online, you can choose for best purchase. I may help you, providing the link to visit So, go through the following link to buy this product from


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