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Mossy Oak Neo Binocular Strap

Mossy Oak Neo Binocular Strap

Mossy Oak Neo Binocular Strap

Mossy Oak Neo Binocular Strap 


As a hunter, I need a pair of perfect binoculars and to carry this also require a quality binocular strap. At present, I am using an excellent binocular strap that is Mossy Oak Neo Binocular Strap (Break-Up, One size). I would like to brief you about this binocular strap what benefit I got from this as well its features.

I bought this binocular strap to replace the thin plastic strap that came with a set of my purchased binoculars. This binocular strap has a 15″ neck piece that is wider, delicate, cushioned, and, extremely comfortable. I can bear the binoculars around my neck for quite a long time with no distress at all. The snap-on clips are anything but difficult to introduce even on small clip rings. The strap can widen out to around 36″ so it ought to be sufficient for anyone from children to adults.

Product Description:

Mossy Oak Neo Binocular Strap (Break-Up, One size) is adjustable to fit anyone and any binoculars, rangefinders and even cameras.

Mossy Oak Neo Binocular Strap

It is an awesome product, also strong as well as flexible. Its quality and price are good. Easy to install and attaches to most binoculars with close ties. Its elastic harness grasps binoculars against one’s body rather than leaving them free to swing.

Product Details:

Package Quantity: 1 | Style Name: Break-Up

  • Product Dimensions: 1.6 x 4.1 x 5.6 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 4.8 ounces


Pretty good and the adjustable length binocular strap is Mossy Oak Neo Binocular Strap (Break-Up, One size). You can buy this product from any marketplace also, can buy from online. If you like to buy one through online, Amazon is the best to buy. If you think to buy from Amazon, please go through this link to buy from Amazon.

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