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High Power Binoculars

High Power Binoculars

Use High Power Binoculars and fill up your thirst of seeing, knowing and exploring. Human being is curious to see the unseen, to know the unknown, to explore the unexplored.

To fill the thirst of knowing, seeing, exploring, and binocular is playing roles in various ways. Binocular has been part and parcel in many spheres of human life.

The user of High Power Binoculars is increasing day after days .likewise the production of the binocular is increasing keeping pace with the rate of the users. So to find out the best and highest powerful binocular is obligatory for every end user.

Sunagor mega zoom binocular is one of the high powerful binocular. The minute observation gives you the clear and crystal idea. The binocular consist of 20x magnification and 50 mm objective diameter.

The multicoated optics provides user superior bright transmission. It will have lucid and sharp as a result user feel the real taste of pleasure of enjoying.

The nonslip rubber armor absorbs shock. You can enjoy 45-foot close focusing distance. Overall, by using the Sunagor mega zoom binocular, you will be pleased because of having the lucid observation.

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Otherwise, you can enjoy a large distance .the distance is 170 field of view at 1000 yards. The weight is very comfortable; it can be used long time without any tiredness.

The weighs 30 ounces .it gives the end users pleasure and satisfaction. The lifetime warranty makes you feel more confidence to buy the sunagor mega zoom binocular.

The High Power Binoculars is extraordinary because of its extra- ordinary features .the end users o f the binocular are very much pleased and satisfied having such types of binocular. Let you have the specific features of the binocular.

  • Have the muli-coated optic.
  • Take the taste of firm grip with non-slip rubber armor.
  • Be benefited with the fold-down eyecups.
  • Adapts to tripod
  • Enjoy the prism glass BK-7
  • Feel confident having lifetime warranty.
  • Take distant land to your close.

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The Sunagor mega zoom binocular provides advantages in many ways .the binocular is worthy of and traveler, sea sight visitor or any natural observer. In the fields of quality, it is incomparable.

The end user can user according to their craving. There are multi-styles, sizes, and magnifications.

Be owner of the most powerful binocular of the world

For getting the world most powerful binocular, one should know the quality of the binoculars and should know in what way it is best and powerful of the world of the world in the comparison of the others.

At the outset of using, you can have 30 x magnifications, and then you can maximize up to 160x magnification.

By using these, you can have the versatility of the distance viewing. However in the comparison of the others binocular of the contemporary market, you can know details.

Enjoy High power in the fields of zoom function

Take the pleasure of wide zoom power. sonagor binocular has the wide range of zoom. The measure of the zoom is 30-160×70. The zooms leveler is precious. You can enjoy during action .obviously the zoom power is splendid.

The durability of the binuclear is high enough .it is covered with rubber .so that it can never be slipped from hand .even wearing gloves; anyone can use the binuclear easily.

The weight and size are adjustable .the weight is 1.4kg, and the length is 25 cm. You always feel easy to use and transport.

There is no comparison in the comparison to others binocular. In the fields of maintaining quality, it is superior to others.

The binocular consists of Japanese high-quality optics .the binocular has the 70 mm objective lens .to have clean, vivid and lucid images, it plays extraordinary roles.

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