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Kuakata Sea Beach

Kuakata is a most wanted travel paradise known as “Sagar-Kanya” in the southern part of Bangladesh. Kuakata, the daughter of the sea, is one of the most beautiful and captivating places for tourists and leisure travelers to enjoy. Not only in the country, but Kuakata is also now known all over the world. Standing in the same spot on the beach, you can enjoy the beautiful view of the sunrise-sunset. Kuakata has a distinct reputation for its breathtaking natural beauty. Kuakata is a village in the south of the country at the......

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Nijhum Dwip Island

Nijhum Dwip is located to the south of Hatia Upazila at the mouth of the Meghna river in the south of the Noakhali district. The island began to rise from the Bay of Bengal in the 1940s. After going through various stages of char formation, Nijhumdwip became suitable for grazing or grazing in the late ’40s. While fishing, the fishermen of Hatiyar discovered Nijhumdwip. Settlement began in Nijhumdwip in the mid-fifties. Originally from Hatiyar Jahajmara Union, some fishing families first came to Nijhum Island. Fishermen named the island “Ichhamati Island” because of......

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