Wednesday , 19 January 2022

Sonargaon Travel—1 Day Tour Guideline

Sonargaon Travel Guide

Near the capital Dhaka city, There is one of the three places of interest Sonargaon Upazila of Narayanganj district. These are ‘Tajmal of Bengal’, ‘Sonargaon Museum’ (Bangladesh Folk and Crafts Foundation), and Panam Nagari. These places in Sonargaon Upazila, once the independent capital of ancient Bengal, attract locals and people from the surrounding districts. It is common that a record number of domestic and foreign visitors gather at these two places always. And for this, various arrangements have been made in these places of interest. Sonargaon Apart from the Taj Mahal and Sonargaon Museum in Bengal, the ancient city of Panam, the banks of the Meghna River in Bishnandi Upazila of Araihazar Upazila and a few privately built parks in …

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20+ Top Bangladeshi Tourist Spots With A Complete List

Top Bangladeshi Tourist Spots

There is no shortage of scenic places in Bangladesh. This post, we will know Top Bangladeshi Tourist Spots. Sea, mountains, rivers – you will find all types of tourist attractions in this country. There are also ancient architectural beauties, the beautiful moon in the night in the middle of the green, and even eye-catching tourist attractions like getting lost in the realm of clouds. There are many wonderful places of interest in Bangladesh which are unknown to many of us. What will you not get— Forests, mountains, rivers, seas, islands, all are familiar all over the world? There are various places of interest in almost every district of this beautiful green land. There are many historical sites and monuments including …

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Tinap Saitar (Bandarban) Waterfall – Complete Travel Guideline

Tinap Saitar Bandarban

Tinap Saitar is the largest waterfall in Bangladesh. It is also known as Paindu Saitar. The waterfall is located in Paindu union of Ruma upazila of Bandarban district. Tinap Saitara is a bomb sound. In Bam language, Tinap means runny nose and Saita means spring or waterfall. It is located in Paindu canal. Due to its remote location, the waterfall has not yet gained much recognition among tourists. However, those who have visited this waterfall along its difficult road are fascinated by its impossible beauty. Tinap Saitar Waterfall This naturally occurring waterfall is very different from other waterfalls. Its water is clear and cold-hot throughout the year. During the monsoon season, water flow increases in Tinap Saitar. The water of …

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Sandwip Island Travel – Low Budget Tour Guide

Sandwip Island

Sandwip is an ancient town and island with thousands of years of history and heritage. There is surprising information about Sandwip, which is unknown to many. In this post, we will know all about Sandwip Island — detailed information, how to travel Sandwip, Where to Eat, Attracting Places Of Sandwip, as well as foods and locals visiting sites of Sandwip. tourist spots The Sandwip Channel is located between the Chittagong coast and Sandwip. It is located at a distance of about 50 km by river from Chittagong district headquarters. The distance from Sandwip to the Sitakunda coast of Chittagong is about ten miles. The mainland of Noakhali is about 12 miles west of Sandwip. Hatia Island is located about twenty …

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